Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater | Countdown Day 13

hello crafters so tonight I have an uglyChristmas sweater party to go to so I thought that I would go ahead and filmthis video in advance and show you guys what I'm putting together for my uglyChristmas sweater and make that be day number 13 of the countdown to Christmasvideos

so I saw this idea online a while backand I'm decided this is finally going to be the year that I try it and my sisteractually just asked me she was like how about anyone planning on doing this andmy response to her was well ever since I saw the

idea on pinterest back in 2014so anyways i'm going to be finally trying out this idea and i thought iwould show you guys what i'm going to be doing and how i make this work for meand just i'll show you some of the different techniques and just some of

myown little touches that I add to this project and so this is actually gonna goa little bit beyond just ugly Christmas letter because going to be an entireoutfit focused on the sweater so what I have with me today if I had this lovelygreen sweater this is actually one

of my favorite sweaters ever this thing iscrazy warm it's got these really cool little like jewels here and I'm notnormally a fan of jewels and little metal decorations on clothing but Iactually really like it with this sweater so super cute super comfortableit's kind of a long sweater you

can see here so obviously still shorter thanlike a sweater dress but you know so long nice sweater so I think this isgoing to work very well for the idea and the idea is I'm going to use thissweater and another accessory I have here and I'm going to turn

myself into aChristmas tree so I was just telling you how much I love this sweater so I'm notplanning on making this be a permanent change so I'm going to show you some ofthe methods that I'm going to be using that I can take a sweater that I reallylove

and without damaging it I can repurpose it for my Christmas treeugly sweater idea all right so you might notice to set anew background behind me my face was looking really washed out so hopefullythat makes it work a little bit better so as I was saying we're going to

beusing the sweater and I'll show you the other thing that's going to add just anextra-special like a special is the right word touch this outfit I took thisoff the Christmas tree downstairs so now it's naked or Christmas tree but I'mgoing to actually use the Christmas tree skirt as

a skirt and I'll show youbecause unless you have a waist that's that big which I don't even know a s–tthat tiny so I'm going to show you a way that you can make this work so that wayit'll actually fit you I'm going to be decorating it with garland

and someornament I'm mainly going to use the smaller ornaments the garland I'm goingto attach with safety pin so that way I don't have to make permanent changes tomy sweater and also don't have to do any selling and then I want to try usingpaper clips for the ornaments but

I might also use safety pins so we'll seehow that ends up going alright I'm going to start by attaching the garland soI've got my garland and I have a ton of safety pins so I'm gonna put a couple ofthese in my mouth so I hope you all will

be able to understand me but I'mbasically going to just start pinning it as I wrap it around so I've got my endhere and I'm just gonna start on the side going to safety pin from theunderside so you will only see the metal of it and not the safety

pin so what Idid was I ran the safety pin on the underside and it's really just almostlike clamping it down but if I were to pull yeah if I pull on this it willslide through so obviously this isn't like the sturdiest outfit so it's alittle bit delicate so

just keep that in mind but I think it's gonna hold wellit's gonna hold well as long as my garland doesn't break you'll also noticethat garland generally have like a wire running through it so I'm going toactually run this wire back under the safety pin and then I'm going

to twistit in half just so that way it really catches on that first safety pin so I'mjust taking the wire end here and twisting it on itself to get it to folda little piece came off alright so that's the first spot and I'm just goingto wrap it around

like a Christmas tree now I haven't mentioned this yeahis my arms are actually going to be up and when my arms are up they're gonnacreate a peak so we'll get to that part in a minute but for now I don't need toworry about the sleeves I'm gonna do

another safety pin on the sides hereagain I'm gonna come from the bottom go under around garland and then backthrough the fabric see if I caught it yeah there we goand I'm just gonna keep working it around and always pinning from theunderside so that way you don't notice the

safety pins all right so by now you should get theidea I'm gonna finish off the top and then we'll talk about how we're going todo the sleeves all right so I finished pinning up my garland at the top it alsohelps if you have someone to help you it'll

go a lot easieralso I try taking it off to pin it by the hard thing with that was it was easyto pin it but it was a lot harder to tell how it's actually going to lookwhen it was on me so I would recommend that you have someone

help you and justleave it on for while you're pinning it so I've got to come all up to the tophere and now it's time to work on the sleeves so I need to cut the garlandhere it's maybe nice little Taylor so doesn't come undone and we're going tostart

wrapping the sleeves now the sleeves are gonna get wrapped prettymuch right from the get-go because it's gonna kind of continue this strand herenow as you can see I've only got a little bit of garland left here so tomake sure that I divide it between my sleeves equally I'm

going to fold it inhalf and cut it in the middle so that way I make sure I don't put too much onone slide and not enough on the other so I'm going to for this arm it's gonnacome up like this I'm going to start by wrapping it aroundkind

of joining under the armpit so it looks like it's a continuation of theother one so I'm going to just wrap it around all the way to the end of mysleeve here and I'm going to pin this one up in just a moment now I've got tokeep in mind

as both my arms are going to be going up so I want to make surethat when I wrap the other sleeve and pin it that it's symmetrical so I'mgonna pause here and pin mine up all right so I pinned my arms up and nowwhen I raise my arms

like this the tree continues all the way the top we'regonna also make a star to go at the top but a couple of quick words aboutpinning the sleeves so I pin my sleeve so they look like a continuation of thegarland that's going around my torso another thing is

you want to wrap themall in the same direction so mine I was wrapping this way around me so when Iwrap my sleeves I also went front back in front and I did it on the samedirection on both arms I try going one spiral direction on one arm and

anotherin the other arm but it didn't look like a nice continuous tree so just keep thatin mind and now our garland is done the nextthing we want to do is add some ornaments so the last thing I'm going tojust add an extra little touch to the top part

of this outfit is I'm going toadd some fun Christmas ornaments now to attach these I'm just going to startwith my little ornament here and a Christmas tree ornament hook and put thehook on the ornament so I'm going to touch one right here on my belly so I'vegot it

hooked on like you normally would for a Christmas tree and I'm going tocome through right here I'm gonna go through a couple you know a little bitof the fabric so it's kind of comes in here comes back out there I'm going tobend it and I'm just going to

twist it around the top of the ornament because Idon't want the wire to be stabbing me so I just twisted it around the top of theornament I've gone through the fabric of my sweater twisted around the top of theornament and now my ornament is attached so again this

is another great waybecause I can attach these ornaments and I don't have to worry about ruining thesweater however I would recommend you use a sweater I forgot to mention thisthat this one has a lot of it's very stretchy has a lot of holes in it sothat makes it

really nice that I don't tear the fabric if you're using like asweatshirt material running safety pins and Christmas hooks through it are goingto be more likely to leave holes when you're done so I'm going to use myChristmas ornament hooks and put more of the ornaments on me so

here you can seeI have attached a bunch of ornaments I got to still do the back I'm gonna needsome more help with that but let's go ahead and I'll show you what I'm goingto be doing for the tree skirt so first of all ignore the umbrella light behindme

and also ignore my sister stuff that done at the end of her bed and last ofall just ignore the socks I'll be gonna be wearing boots with this outfit anywayso we'll pretend those crazy socks aren't there but what I want to do is ifI take the skirt and

I try to wrap it around so that way it attaches of thesespots here this is how narrow it is if I go around my waist I goes from here tohere no way is that gonna fit so a quick remedy now if yours hasvelcro on it put the soft

velcro side to do this part but with the soft velcroside I'm just going to wrap it up like this almost like it's some kind of likeHawaiian wrap Island skirt I don't know what you call those kind of skirts andlike that and then I'm just gonna take it and

finish wrappingaround and I'm going to you can either keep going all the way up with this sideor you can let it hang down some I'm gonna kind of pin it partway and so I'mjust going to grab my nice giant safety pin and pin the skirt together now Iwould

recommend you still wear leggings or pants underneath the skirt justbecause obviously isn't the best fit ever but that when I put my shirt downnow I have a Christmas tree skirt and so I'll give you a look at the finishedproduct after we make our star all right so last

of all I've got this awesometree topper that I'm going to be using with my costume I actually followed acraft idea on Beck pie slice of life on her channel and so I'll go ahead and puta link to that video how to make one of these in the description

below so makesure you go check out that video but that's what I'm going to be using as mystart tree topper and to attach it so I don't ruin the start I can use it fordecorating and after the ugly Christmas sweater party I'm going to just use abasic paper

clip slide it on here and slide it onto my wrist so I've attachedit with a paper clip and this will just hang here all night until I stand inpose like a Christmas tree so now my outfit to put together I've got somebrown boots on and I will show

you the finished result so here we go all youhave to do to make the magic happen is I know you'll look like a Christmas treeit looks super tacky super ugly but super awesome and super Christmasy Imean you probably thought this is just like a talking tree here it's

soconvinced like I know but anyways this is the finished look so there you haveit this is my craft for today the ugly Christmas sweater DIY project obviouslyI wouldn't recommend running around or playing in the sweater so I'm going toleave it like this for the next couple of days

until it's time to go hopefullyit'll be a lot of fun and I hope that you guys enjoy this project too happycrafting some fun Christmas ornaments now to attach