Colleen Lopez Fuzzy Cardigan Sweater with Pockets

or in this color so I found this sweater I fell in love with it and I just lived in it I mean I like didn't want to take it off I know I live I know we broadcast from Florida it is freezing everywhere and it's especially freezing in

this building so when we come to work we're dressed warm we don't come in in shorts or Sun dresses we are dressed warm because it's chilly and so this is one of those sweaters that I just love it so it's got pockets it's so soft it's called an

eyelash sweater and it's incredibly incredibly soft and stretchy its roomy and stretchy and just fun you'll cozy into this my little granddaughter my gorgeous Kristi who is here with me today her beautiful daughter Lana my granddaughter she loves me in these sweaters she's cause she cuddles with me

we'll sit and read and look at books and she's all kind of like a blankie under my sweater my dog's cuddle up with me in this everybody like touches you prepare yourself everybody what wants to touch it and everybody will ask you about this when you have it

on because it's just so beautiful and different here is that lavender color it's gorgeous in the lavender by the way I I actually washed mine on delicate so you can I actually threw it in the washer so it is machine washable so it's easy to care for it

fluffs right back up and if you're thinking about it guys rocky how many do i have in each of these i don't know that i have a lot of this to go around you guys Oh Deb fab do you love I am so and I don't want to

take this off I'm in looking untrim here cuz I'm gonna put back on the today's special because I love that but this is like wrapping yourself in a cozy baby blanket I mean it I mean you need to have a sign that says pet at your own risk

and just you know it's it's a good just a nice little friendly touch but you're gonna be petted I mean this is so soft yeah I'm gonna get that t-shirt but this is one of those touchy-feely things but it's feel so good I love the color is this

a mint or what are we calling this color we're calling that rose Rosie this is so cute too it's cozy you made a good point you said it reminds you of that angora sweater back in the day I am so sensitive with allergies no reaction to this exactly

no reaction this is not this isn't this is nylon it's soft it's not itchy girls I'm telling you it is an awesome awesome sweater we have 200 is that what you told me rocky only about 200 in each color I'll show you one more time they're gorgeous I'm

telling you they're absolutely gorgeous so that is the lilac color this is the sage oh it's dreamy look at that sage color and then the merlot is gorgeous we call this wine and then this is the rose I love the rose it's beautiful and then finally the black

that's gonna be gone in a New York minute here but it's fabulous little sweater I can't wait your phone fits in the pockets the pockets are nice and big and roomy it's 31 and a half inches long we call it our fuzzy sweater I just wear it I

mean my uniform want to come to work is leggings something very comfortable on my feet and lately I've been wearing my cozy sweaters every single day to work without fail because they're just so soft and they're so nice and they're so easy it's so chilly everywhere so you'll

just live in this I can't wait for you to get it I think you'll love it now I will tell you this when you get them wash them because the fuzzies you want to get all the extra little fuzzies off so they wash up beautifully but wash your

sweaters when you get them home you have to and then after I wash mine they're perfect they fluff up they look gorgeous they look special they look beautiful and they don't even look like you washed it so I just want to point that out to you definitely wash

it Oh Kristy showed on the sage so there you see andriy is in that beautiful wine color I love the lavender here comes Christie that is a cute Christie that is so cute this is my favorite colors I love the so much the colors in this one it

is perfect girl so that is the sage color if you're trying to make up your mind here how many left in each of these Rocky okay if you want the black fewer than 100 so whichever color you're thinking about I'm glad you're getting it because I think you

will love it by the way the jeans I have on our Diane Gilman and I decided these are my own jeans just for my closet there Diane Gilman jeans what I love about them is that they have I don't even really have them so available this is all

embroidery it's like a rose embroidery I thought it looked really cute with the tip with the black today's special let me just show you see some case you own these from Diane see how cute that embroidery works back I like the texture here with the texture on the

jacket so anyway does that in case you were wondering about my jeans these are Diane Gilman jeans I am gonna be launching my own jeans coming up in in a few months they're not actually ready to go this fall so they told me by February actually I'm gonna

be launching my own G my own little line of jeans but we have so many great jeans here and these are the Diane ones if you're wondering the girls also been wearing they're a combination of jeans I think we're using Giuliana jeans in this show we have skinny

don't we have the skinny girl jeans in the show we have a bunch of different brands they were featuring throughout the day all right if you're ordering our sweater I'm so glad you are I think there's only how many days left rocky you guys I don't have a

lot of sense what I thought we're down to the final few hundred only so we didn't bring in thousands of these I wish we had actually honestly we should have bought more of this black just sold out so I'm gonna pop that off now I was wearing the

medium but I will tell you it's roomy are we true to size on this Christie you and the small okay is ever and and they're oversized I mean you know you want it though you do zi know this is the small so I do like the medium but

just to show you that I mean there are just too much fun it's heavenly like I don't even want to take it off that's a bad fit that is a fabulous thing outfit the sweater white tank jean little scarf you're done yeah right when you go into the

movies and it's cold in a movie theater even just a drape it over your shoulders sometimes you know you just kind of want it just draped over your shoulders when it's just a little chilly yeah I mean that's what's kind of fun about it right you just kind

of like wrap yourself into it the actual strap on the today's special little tank by the way is wide enough like you can yeah I mean it's just like you just slip it on yeah right you just kind of like Winky yeah it's like a little blankie exactly

you get to wear your own baby blankie it's as simple as that but that's what I mean it's just kind of one of those fun like wear it into a restaurant wear it into anything it almost looks like a little fur yeah it's lightweight enough to not like

overwhelm you though you know like the eyelash February the eyelash fur you know you'd be nervous that it would make you look like large or something but no it's so fabulous good point yeah it doesn't it doesn't add bulk at all it's the perfect like substance I agree

okay I have to head over cuz these are these are going so if you'd like yours more than 600 gone we did sell out of the black the next one to go is going to be the sage so if you're looking at that sage color and loving it

this would be the best time to order it before we say goodbye to that one I love that Merlot that Andrea is wearing I also love I love them all we had more fun picking these colors it's soft it's fuzzy it's very retro to me this takes me

right back to high school except our sweaters weren't this long and cute but we all wore these fuzzy sweaters and for our class pictures all my girlfriends and I we all were fuzzy little sweaters like this and so this reminds me very much of that but it's not

you know it's hypoallergenic the only thing remember what I told you you need to wash it because it does have when I got my samples I noticed he had a little bit of loose fuzzies through it the washer on delicate they say to lay it flat to dry

I'll be honest with you I threw mine in the dryer on delicate and it came out perfectly now they say to lay it flat or to hang it to dry see if you can follow the instructions what you also could do is just fluff it in the dryer

a little bit and get it all fluffed back up so anyway I washed all of mine they washed up beautifully so I want you to know that you'll be good to go if you order it but again I do want to recommend that you wash them when you

get them that's six seven one five six nine I'm so glad you like it hikes Rockies telling us that it's now over half spoken for so thank you so much I wish you could just reach in and touch this you know I'm very no Rocky good question I

hate itchiness I can't I can't I just can't do it I can't wear itchy clothes this is so not itchy I promise you it's just soft and wonderful look at that it's like all these little eyelashes just caress your skin it's like this little I don't know like

a little bunny it's just so soft but the key is that it's very practical because you'll wear it a lot it's August in Florida I wear them every day to work so there you go and it is they do keep this facility very cold but your office might

be cold just keep this at the office as your sweater as your office sweater it's amazing for an airplane you're right Rocky I have to bring it to the Andrew Lessman shows Andrew keeps that studio at 58 degrees it's so cold but anyway I was really I mean

if you're gonna be on an airplane