Curations Open Weave Sweater

we were chatting about this sweater a little earlier and even Natalie was over there going oh this is so soft super super soft and what we love about this we're talking about right now is we're getting ready to go into spring about having those transitional pieces this is

an open weave so it's a very it's a lighter more airy field it is a hundred percent acrylic so it's all washable and longer it's like 27 inches in a medium to 31 30 inches in your 3x and you're looking at the Navy I'll go through the colors

and we'll tell you more about it there it is in the blush and the blush is definitely the most limited of all of the colors we have it in the black and you can see the black is sort of heathered with white as well and then I love

the oatmeal yes and 4990 today in three flex pay this is what I call business in the front a little party in the back yes a little bit of that yarn detailing in there it's the only sweater knit piece that we have in the collection so it's a

great basic and that's another really important style tip is you need those basics right you need them but what we've done is we've elevated that so again a little bit of that detailing will go a long way but you need them because you can layer them it's a

great transitional piece you can buy now where now with right midi dress if you wanted to so you could go ahead and get a little more coverage on them we got to show it that way over one of the girls we will I think it's gonna show in

a salad what you're gonna see the Shakuni on top of the ECOT yes that's right yeah that's what's coming up but what I love it with the jacket without a jacket it's comfortable it's slouchy it's like slipping into a delicious blanket Oh sort of what it feels like

and there it is in the black which again is not fabulous black it's not strong it's not in riot a little of that Heather it sort of lived in effect with that gray had that's our packable Panama hat oh there we go there it is it's over the

drives over your dress my exact same dress that you're wearing to have the oatmeal we belted it's and you could cinch the waist and give it more of a you know fitted silhouette and this is your buy now wear now if you wanted to throw a little jacket

yeah you have that you have a little shootie bootie and you're good to go and then absolutely wear that piece again on its own as a separate or you can mix and that's what this style is about it's about layering those textures and the fabrics and all of

those gorgeous details and prints and really having fun with it it's romantic its relaxed and it's also very expressive which I really love because you're making a statement the minute you put that on right I love Eve I love that when she you know go ahead and slug

this leaves a little bit because you can do that it's lightweight it's delicious it's perfect for traveling I wear this because I love the high low I want to talk about that the high low so if you turn around and you see it on the back side turn

around so you can see it on the back side there it's really delicious if you see it in the black if you turn around on the black with the baggage right there one there you go yeah you see that it covers the boot a yeah I always say

I like that when you wear it with leggings or if you're doing it more as activewear I wear this all the time with like a little active pant my athleisure look with a pair of sneakers and I love that it covers the booty just enough so you have

that high-low which also makes it interesting and it's delicious because it's slouchy it's not frumpy you know Bobby sometimes sweaters can just be really unflattering Oh tether Bobby see they're frumpy and this is a perfect silhouette that you can layer with or without a jacket it's yummy and

I do want everyone to see just the close-up shot of the back of the sweater because look at the way this is set and you can see how the see detail actually tapers with tapers all the way down the back of the sweater but again just a little

bit more of you know exciting visual appeal to it and each one of the designs done that way the traveling down to the back which is your high-low and then in the front you can also appreciate as we talked about that light airy open weave that you're getting

to this gorgeous sweater which really makes it like the perfect sweater yeah again to wear now and then to take on into spring and into some in those cooler summer nights as well I think about meeting the handwheel you know the vacation may be up in the North

eat definitely spend some time near the sea and you have those cooler summer nights and then in the fall wear with a little jacket again and if you perfect it's comfy slouchy it's a great transitional piece and again it's a little bit of detailing that really makes it

pop under the blush so the blush is the most limited here again in the oatmeal we have it in the Navy but as I mentioned before the navy and the black are both heathered so five nine one five six four definitely stay right where you are as we're

getting ready to go into our next hour we want to remind you though of our spectacular