DG2 by Diane Gilman Linen Boyfriend Sweater

special this month you get a surprise but it midnight is too this is too surprised it is only for the early bird early bird in gets the proverbial worm the bookworm look she wants me straight well why just do it all right here we go here we go

I love present shows the first surprise okay so I'm not showing you the first girl that is a surprise for everybody but for the first 10,000 customers not only going to get what I call the new dreamy gene this gene she's completed a dream Jake I did a

dreamy gene dreamy creamy wonderful gene for the first 10,000 customers you're getting her book with a lithograph signed autograph and it comes with the gene oh my gosh how cool is that you can have you and rally yeah you still get the other gift with purchase so for

the first ten thousand of you buying this fantastic brushed suede it fabulous supremely stretching incredibly comfortable gene get my boat quickly book is really highly rated so many of you loved reading it and I thank you for the privilege of riding it is it only you got to

be really good I remember we launched this I have to tell you it is one of my favorite sweater waratah Harris I love this one I love the linen sweater and this was another one of my Parisian looks I just put one of our white shaping tanks underneath

the white I war with that white cropped Jean it looks sensational I think you need to see it on the models to really know how fabulous it is could we show it on the girls yet so I'm thinking that everybody has their tank top underneath matching tank tops

underneath which is our $19 tank with no seams fabulous piece especially if you don't like to wear undergarments that hold you in this will hold you in as easy this is a hundred percent linen it is done in the exact same factory as a very famous store and

online catalog that does a lot of linen sweaters at about 180 dollars we use the same yarn we found the same factory it is semi-sheer it comes in white black beautiful shade of pink the orange and the turquoise this is a workhorse for me it is light enough

again to layer under a linen or cotton blazer if you have got church or business meeting it is beautiful to leave the sleeve semi-sheer and go into just putting a layering tank it is such practical piece it is such a high-end piece when I went out at night

in Europe I even brought big chunky mobay pearls I war with the string of pearls that yes it was very good and when you would just wash aping tank underneath you see the semi Sheerness the tents a little shorter than this so you see the different layers it

was very effective well I love about it too is how often you go somewhere and you're like okay I want to wear a long sleeve but it is too hot this isn't it is recorder sleeve as well which means that one of the major features to me of

the season is stacking bracelets it is all a bet bangle so for me this just becomes a piece that I go to constantly you know that is what I need in my wardrobe I need workhorse pieces pieces that are reliable pieces that are plain and allow me to

paint my own mood my own trash in canvas depending on the time of day the event this is such a good piece and the great thing about it is hand washable lay flat to dry no dry-cleaning so easy to wear that price is a killer price and I

would I would absolutely recommend getting a couple colors of this I would you will throw it on and you look really chic and you're so comfortable and it feels good but it is an elevated style because of the linen fabrication and yet so comfortable and so instead of

being on a sloppy sweatshirt or something too big and too bulky this is just it screams Hamptons to me it is clear I anti a bet you know I know the faculty it came out of so I know its high-end yeah it's beautiful I know if you can

swing it I would get a couple great savings to normally this is almost 70 we're down to about 50 and on 2 flexpays with that and again stay on the line extra small