DG2 by Diane Gilman Quad Blend HiLow Mixed Media Sweater

our final stretch of our moonlight markdowns is only about 15 minutes to go I want to jump in really quickly because we have extremely limited quantities in this this is from Diane Gilman who you lo you know and you love let's just pull out the black dress Rob

tell me again how many I have in this 27 so about two dozen available in the black we also have it in the heather gray and the ivory its twenty five and a half inches in length the ivory I have less than 50 available so total I about

180 for the whole entire country to go around this is mixed media fabric it is a beautiful sweater with this chiffon detail it's a high low and the sweater goes to about 25 25 and a half inches in length it is a quad blend which means it stretches

it moves it has great recovery it's super soft and easy to wear the length on this is great if you like a lot of coverage and you like extra coverage in the back but you like a feminine Flair because that chiffon really does air have that kind of

airing kind of femininity about it we have really fallen in love with a hi-low hem over the last few years and you can see why it gives you just the right amount of coverage in the front and a little extra dramatic length in the back and the cool

thing is about the mixed-media the chiffon is very light and airy over that lower portion of the hem so it just adds a little flair a little kick it sort of floats when you walk so be prepared everyone is going to see you coming and going when you

turn around and that chiffon follows it's going to be super sexy and fabulous and still give you a little extra coverage over the back side so you can still wear your leggings your skinny jeans with tons of confidence I think you're going to love it because of the

knit it's a finely woven knit I mean this is really an outstanding garment for 34 dot 95 cents it is fifty percent off something that you can easily wear year-round it is an easily where we are angled this is aware now where later because of that lightweight sweater

material and then I want you to I just want you to think about all the different ways that you can wear something that you know a lot we have kind of a crew neck long sleeve heather gray top right but you add that air of chiffon that femininity

that just like lightweight movement and it just really elevates the style you're able to wear this if you want to do all black on black you can wear black shoes you know make them stilettos beautiful black may be picked up the samantha brown legging and then you put

this beautiful mixed media chiffon top over top and then you pair it with some gorgeous jewelry head to toe it is very sophisticated but it's something that is understated and yet has gorgeous details to it high-low hem is something that is not going anywhere like you were mentioning

Sarah this is such a soft fabrication and it's seventeen dollars and forty-eight cents to get home a lot of times we look at some of those basics and we think well they just that I just have to accept that I'm just going to get a plane sweater but

you don't have to and then you can really use this as a blank canvas to what maybe you picked up the global chic Iman rice you can add that Rajesh of color across you know your neck or across your shoulders because you have something very basic and very

simple and very classic but it has great length on this I just think the length is the hi-low with the chiffon here so fun the length is 25 and a half inches but this is not about counting the chiffon that's like another foot so about a 35 inch

center back length I love that it looks like you layered two pieces together perfectly and I can never get that layered look without having something awkward or something that always gets stuck I'm always fussing with the bottom piece to get it to hang out of the top piece

this is like we did all the layering for you so we take all the guesswork out of the glamour for you so that is 510 340 again moonlight markdowns they go fast they go furiously