DG2 by Diane Gilman Quad Blend ScarfHem Pocket Sweater

a lot of different colors in this top this is the quad blend scarf hem pocket sweater ten dollars off and it is also on three flexpay but I'm going to tell you right now why I grab this and this is what i am wearing it is the length it is 29 and a half inches long now i have like a mic pack in the back but i'm going to turn around what you see here is it look how much it covers completely your backside that is what i love about it so when I when I wear this I feel totally comfortable totally covered you know I this is one of my favorite kind of styles is that kind of long drapey kind of a line but but though I love the way Diane has done it because see how it comes in here and then comes out and it is not by the way I have like some ladies here that need some room so it is not like this tight tight sweater but it is a feminine shape to it like a little a line dress as a matter of fact you could do like some little leggings and some really really high boots but you're still totally covered Kyle do we have going to go through the colors live or do we have like a little thing a little diagram again $59.

90 okay we're going to go up because I will show you the colors but i want you to see them all in a pallet here so we have of course black which is very popular I know Kyle's going to tell me the most popular the Heather Navy the light heather gray there is the taupe which is a heathered taupe we also have it available in winter white we have it available in heather espresso and then we have it in the army green heather and then the Heather crimson now the Heather crimson is the one I'm wearing and it is the most limited there is less than 200 of these available so less than 200 people can get the Heather crimson and that's the one that I picked up and I love now I'm wearing it I grabbed the medium I'm wearing it in a medium I probably I don't want you to worry too much about your size I've tried this on in the small I can wear the medium like it will art I mean it is very roomy I i wanted i wanted it really roomy I like the length it so it really is true to size really really comfortable and you know you you cannot go wrong so you're saying you know what I'm so sorry I don't think I for what's your name Laurel you know I think maybe we have worked together maybe once we have because you're in my redhead that's because I'm REE bottom of the repeal kitchen so Laurel is here I don't work with that very exciting laurels here I mean when you're seeing that you've got another grey and with the jeans and the Sporto boots it is really really cute and really comfortable and you know there are so many different ways to dress this up like I'm wearing it i'm going to go over to Laurel with the army green so you can do it like I've got a pair of like you know heels on and you know little kind of a more of a dressy necklace and then you know laurels got a little scarf and casual the armor army green I really love this color this would actually look really good on you with your red hair too so I CC I'm I'm dressing you like you're my own okay so but I just I think that it's it's it obviously looks great on everyone I mean you can be and you know extra small through 3x I mean Laurel and I are obviously different sizes are much much much bigger much curvier but it doesn't I don't feel like oh gosh I don't know if I could wear this top you can see through it or it's too low cut or anything I could wear this you know in a professional setting I could wear this you know casual going out to the movies you just feel comfortable because you feel covered but you also feel like it is very flattering and that is what I love about this now I'm going to tell you something else this top half the quantity for the entire day has already been spoken for we got in eight thousand four thousand have already been purchased in the Crimson that i'm wearing already let me just tell you this there's only 200 people can get the Crimson just 200 and when this goes it goes honestly if there's any left I'm going to try to get this when i get off air because i will wear this all the time $59.

90 and it is part of a bonus buy so let me tell you what this is so if you got the today's special with let's face it 40, 000 people have so it's pretty much all of us you get ten dollars off this sweater so it is not 79 the retail it's not even 59 or HSN price it is 4990 and then the three flexpay are going to reflect that so they're going to be even lower but for even if you don't get the today's special it is 1997 but I think everybody who is getting this i think everybody has got the today's special so it is actually 4994 you and then minus the and with a 3 flexpay and by the way HSN card holders then can do for flexpay we get even more affordable to get more colors I mean the black is available the espresso is available that taupe I mean the gray the winter white is also gorgeous I think there is nothing more beautiful than winter white it's become a really big trend so even if you like maybe you got the today's special gene in black and you're doing the winter white sweater and you do it with like a big gold necklace and then like a cute pair of boots how I mean that is like a very sophisticated you can you know relax on a plane and travel with it you can go to the movies go out with your girlfriends curl up and you know read a book it is just this is just the perfect sweater the perfect top I'm talking myself into him i'm like like i have to get this in like three colors this is kind of my style of dressing if you're you know i mean i'm on the i'm over 50 and I but I like to dress so that I don't know my daughter like says try not to dress like you know to old mom this is like that perfect blend of like it looks good really on everybody's age everybody's body type full presentation at 4am but so many of you are grabbing them right now I'm telling you this it's not going to last it so maybe you know.