DG2 by Diane Gilman Quad Blend SplitHem Sweater

korone chiffon so well joining us from dg2 we're so happy to have you here thank you and this is the sweater that I chose to wear today and you know I'm if you shop with me you know I'm always self confidence self conscious about my I like self

does add self confidence because it does cover all the way down and I love the way that it kind of comes up and brings it up so again along gating in terms of of not cutting you off and the color choices are just to what's not to love

here okay so the color choices on this are going to be let me see here but I want to make sure I get the names right this is gonna be your I don't know what is it I don't have Jade on my card sage sage maybe I could

just say green names for a few minutes alright let's go on to the next color was going to be your rose and it's a soft rose it really truly is a very soft pink rose this is gonna be your burgundy color and then we also this a great

way to letter is so hard to find oh it is so hard to find and you have found it right there and then of course we have the classic black do we have the purple that I am wearing as well we'll have to okay alright so this is

the Jade we do have that available we have the Rose and the wine okay I put the purple on and we don't have it and I apologize I didn't know that we were out of the purple oh shoot I'm so sorry it when we started the show here

we have the black and the white Katherine's oh good we do have the black and we do have the white I highly recommend you grab that white quickly because there is nothing like a good white sweater and this is that that Goldilocks white it's not too bright right

and it's not too creamy here you're exactly right so it goes with so many other neutrals of course but it doesn't steal the show if you're wearing softer colors or brighter colors it's not like all you look at is the white but but I have to say if

you choose to tie it the way you did Alice or you just let the ends of the sweater just sort of hang it looks beautiful either way and this is the famous quad blend so if you love the boyfriend knit sweater quad blend sweater in the boyfriend style

yeah then you have it here in that favorite knit in your if you wanted it to just kind of let hem style so it's a little wrinkly now because I had it tied but you can see if you want to you can just kind of hang and then

you get all this drama you know right I like to live without drama in my life believe the drama in your clothes and not in your life all that needs is a pretty little Heidi daus wouldn't that be just beautiful with it look at how flattering that is

though I think it's because when you tie it up it really does cover a lot but at the same time it kind of brings the eye up and I think it's just very elongating I think it's very very out of thinning that just looks Regina you need to

order these need to get this sweater it's exact right yeah that is cute on the sizes you're gonna want to order are going to be the extra small to extra large 1x through 3x it's about 26 inches long obviously that doesn't take into account if you leave the

the ties down but gosh that looks good you know I think what the secret is I'm I think I just figured out it's that asymmetrical line that she put it the way that she put this together and then so I need Sonia what did you do here look

at you miss fancy pants so you just wrapped it around oh how cute is that well I love that too I didn't some of us can do that in some of us $32 96 cents we do have it on 2 flex payments five six nine – 1 3

your item number I think you're gonna it just feels so good – but we're gonna move on now because