Faith Zoe Fringe HiLow Sweater

alright well we do want to get to the info on this adorable little sweater that I've been wearing this is by faith and so this is a brand and everything that every time we bring them to the list you all fall in love I do too i think they have things that are special very boutique they're on trend they're beautifully made they're comfortable and tonight we get to offer you this adorable top this looks like leather it feels like leather but it's actually faux leather so it's a faux leather little fringe all the way around the bottom of the sweater and you can see it's high low so it's a little bit lower in the front and then it gets a little bit longer in the back so it's very flattering 2995 $29.

95 and you'll see it has all this fun whip stitching at the top right up at the shoulder area here this is gray by the way isn't the gray adorable the gray with a black fringe all you need is a legging by the way this $19 legging greatest $19 pant I've ever put on they are the cutest legging so we'll talk about that in a minute this is this beautiful deep rich red 2995 by the way I happen to be wearing the small it's roomy so I would say you could go to the size if you want because it's designed so that it's not clinging it all drapes really nice but if you want it to be a little closer fit you could go down one size i was able to go down to a small in this i'm always normally a medium this is the i think we call this off white let me just see here ivory so there's the ivory and notice how cute that black stitching really shows up next to the ivory and of course a black fringe at the bottom and then finally the all-black is fabulous if you love all black it's pretty great you throw a leather jacket over this a suede jacket over this or you wear it alone put wear it with a scarf however you decide to do it it looks amazing and they're going really fast will show you already almost 400 gone for $29.

95 you don't want to miss it because this is a steal but we wanted to add some fun pieces that would mean great gifts for any girl on your list and we're showing you in different ways you can see Nikita has it on with a skirt skirt how great it looks with a pencil skirt brittany has it on with the liking that's coming up and her great little bucket feet a little sneaker and how cute that looks so however you decide you guys to do this there's a lot of ways to style a top like this it really works with skirts it works with skinnies and of course it is going to be fabulous partnered with a favorite pair of jeans and a boot if you have a black boot boom black boot black booty doesn't matter you do a gene a legging a skirt a black booty and you're good to go because I love that it's anchored in black all of these have the black fringe but it's really soft this fringe is it isn't it's real drapey it's not like crunchy so although it is leather like it just feels really really nice it's easy to wear and it is hand wash you're wondering about that so you can hand wash this you can hang it or lay it flat to dry extra small through 3x to the sizes it's 25 inches long leash air like for example Brittany are you in the large so Britney is wearing the large and here's how her stats break down she's 510 she's normally a size 14 so large would be exactly her size a large at HSN is a 12-14 a medium at HSN is an 810 a small at HSN is a 46 alright and there you can see there's Nikita and Nikita is normally a size for you in the smaller extra small she's in the small also so very good so you can see it in turn to the back and show them how kind of room you see she's got a little bit more drape because we're both wearing the same size so I don't have that much straight because clearly I'm a larger size than Nikita but we both could wear it so that's kind of what I was trying to describe for you it's very forgiving it just as easy to slip it on I like the the–it's if fully fashioned sleeve I like that it tapers I like that the sleeve tapers a little bit so it's not real baggy there's a scoop neck it's not too low so it works with jewelry it works with scarves this is definitely an odd to you know western wear the great southwest it has a little bit of a boho boho vibe one of the trends one of the things we have fun doing on the list every week as we get to fashion forecast we love to watch the trends and one of the trends that we love for this year for 2017 there's all kinds of you know fabulous things on the horizon but one of the trends we love is a nod to Western and you'll see a lot of it incorporate it into many of the different designer fashion lines out there in the world if you like to follow fashion at the love to read fashion magazines you're going to see the use of Fringe eager to see suede and you're going to see leathers and when you see friend you're going to see it with a nod to the great southwest so I look at a top like this and I think it's so perfect because it's very much on trend without looking too trendy and I do I really love that and it does look terrific with the matching legging that we are we talking about coming up next the burgundy just sold out so we right now just have the black we have the ivory or we have the gray so it's your choice you're welcome to treat yourself to it I think you're going to be really really happy with that selection.