Heidi Daus "Signature Style" Asymmetric Sweater

what we have today so you just slip it over the head I do your hands and arms are free everything's covered and you gave us a great colors to choose yeah you don't really I think exquisite colors I love that blue the cream you look like a little

snow bunny gorgeous this winter white cream exactly and then of course the black every girl should own it and then the Chinese red was what miss Debbie was wearing which really showed off so many of the the beautiful jewelry pieces you were rocking this it's brand-new it's exclusive

only here and if you collect Heidi's beautiful gorgeous jewelry pieces this is the perfect canvas it really right it lets you show off everything your Ryan look at Carol looking my goodness I mean look at that isn't that exquisite that skirts coming up to by the way it's

been very popular but the topper if you want to pick it up its dual sizing which I love because there's plenty of room here to play with there's an extra small small we have a medium/large extra large/1x and a 2x 3x you can in launder this at home

just dry it flats it's approximately 24 inches in length but the way that it's cut there's plenty of coverage here I have you know I'm very concerned I don't really like my leg you know my hind end sticking out I you know and I feel very very secure

and uncovered and elegant when I put this on and I like how you have it off the shoulder you know you can do that you can you know be a little sassy that way can't you Suzanne was wearing it layered up with a turtleneck underneath it last night

it was really great she had on a pair you know of casual pants and a great pair of boots and an ax turtleneck and with that actually that blue color over so I think I'm really I don't know which color I love the most I know girls have

treated themselves to all four of these because there's a reason for them and the wonderful weight of this this is it's a beautiful stretch sweater knit but it has a very very fine hand yeah it's a silky sort of a wonderful hand I'll never forget when I was

you know just graduated college and I worked in a dress shop and I treated myself to my first fine sweater and I'll never forget that feeling different there's a big big giant different and and this has that feeling guys that expensive fabulous feeling so you can wear this

with that point in the front or you can switch it around so it's sort of a shorter and straighter and then the points going down your versatility based on what you're wearing – like with leggings you know you want a little more coverage I was able to shift

it around but you could do this with pants like this right – a skirt like we just saw on Carol a maxi dress right this would be adorable it's the ultimate in versatility and it's a nice way to be elegant while you're covered up that's hard to do

in the winter time it is when you still want to look a little more elevated and dressier but you need the coverage exactly now in a second I just turned that around and you know it really is adorable this way as well I love it like that yeah

so it depends also on the jewelry that you're wearing you know for a longer sort of a look you're wearing a beautiful long necklace and of course that really lends itself to you know – like a piece of blank canvas for you I don't really let the jewelry

set the scene if you want it to and it's also nice to have I just feel like no matter what you're doing it when you forget a little chill and you need a little coverage just to slip it on because it rolls up nicely exactly I travel with

these all the time and I find they're just the best thing to either you know all layer up or of course you know always looking elegant and you know and and comfortable whatever one I got to say if you want the black we have fewer than 100 left

in the black already what you're seeing on Carol is called winter white and yes it is poncho style we had Kathleen asking on Facebook you just slip it right over your head there's no sleeves yeah your arms are free to move and that's how you can twist it

around and do it off the shoulder that's right and wear it any way you want so we have winter white the black is most limited I'm wearing the sapphire blue and then we have that gorgeous pop of Chinese red so what apparel you look look so beautiful oh

good and DDoS by the way is on five flex payments so $13 and change gets this home everything is free shipping today through the end of the weekend so if there were ever an opportunity to try it out I wouldn't say no isn't it yeah yeah absolutely absolutely

okay let's move on to another