IMAN Platinum Touch of Cashmere Jeweled Sweater

and poncho that Iman's been modeling for has been wearing for us we have another top that we've saved for you the girls have been wearing this kind of layered underneath some movement pieces tonight yeah this is built-in jewelry yes so you don't have to worry about a necklace when you throw this top on isn't that glam oh this feels like cashmere doesn't it this oh it is it's a viscose Cash nylon cashmere blend so that's why when you touch it always oh that's beautiful another one that again look at with the with the matching today's special with any of these beautiful colors there it is in the midnight we have it in the sangria I love it in the sangria yes look at in the guys look at that isn't that cute and then we have oh is this your meal yep gorgeous and we have cream and then took out the black so for $59.

99 great gift again great gift yeah it's fun to give somebody a special sweats you know these sweaters are nice to have yes because you wanna you're running out to grab dinner especially when it's holiday time yeah and you want to just not wear your same old same old exact look like you made an effort yes but you want to be super comfy yeah this is that top this is that sweater look at under I love it layered under things under jackets if you're leather even yes another moto jacket and by the way that jacket she has on that is genuine lamb leather yep and that is coming up genuine lamb leather be on the lookout for that one but if you are looking for just an absolutely gorgeous top this is a little longer which we all love a little bit of length in these top so it has a little bit longer length that's coming in at 25 inches long which i think is great looks perfect with leggings perfect with jeggings and amazing with the Ponte pant today's special that power Ponte that so many of you are still ordering so this is a fun one and it's one of those again all you do is add an earring exactly you have to do a lot of jewelry with this because you have already built and built in necklace and I wonder and they say you can hand wash this which is great so you don't have to dryclean it you can hand wash this and then just lay it flat to dry so it keeps its shape long-sleeve you can push the sleeve if you need to it's just so pretty and it's special and it's easy it is easy it's very holiday yeah when you want to look a little dressed up but you want to still be super comfortable yes yes it's a casual dress top that's it it is because sometimes you're just gonna you know you might be going to somebody's home for an open house exactly or you might be having people over you're gonna be the hostess and you know the hostess sets the tone for the party exactly so if a hostess is not comfortable yeah nobody's no but it's comfortable so as the hostess you wanna just feel like a million bucks when you have people over yeah and you put on a top like this you look festive but you're moving around exam you're serving people and you want everybody to just relax and have a good time and you look relaxed and yet you still look festive so that's what this sweater is all about and look at the detail in that beautiful beadwork yeah it's quite amazing I mean it literally looks like a necklace I mean look at this it has marquise shaped stones princess cut stones it has a large octagon sparkly crystal in the center and then the small stones all done in a round brilliant going look at that so this is all round brilliance and then you have marquees and princess cut a large this is like a radiant in the center here and those are all individually hand sewn right on so it's not glued on I mean these are all hand sewn onto your sweater so that's there's a lot of workmanship that goes into creating this and also because it does have three percent cashmere in the blend it's SuperDuper soft cuddly very cuddly to the touch nothing nicer than that there's nothing worse frankly than an itchy sweater yes right that is the pits when a sweater is scratchy and you're dying to take it off not this oh I love this it feels way to get really nice and again I noticed what sweaters you don't ever do things that are real thick or bulky I don't know I've ever seen you do yeah no it's again it's because of the layering because this you can add a coat a jacket on top of it so you don't want to start with something heavy no you do not look at look at she was even tucking it I mean this is soft it is yeah you can tuck it if you do a little half tuck or a fashion tuck with this if you want to and there's that oatmeal color is it beautiful honey and then see how we have it layered under a jacket we have it layered under two different types three different jackets yeah so you can absolutely layer this or you just pop it over your jeans right it's a easy way to dress because we all love our jeans you know it's an easy way to dress up your jeans absolutely all right if you'd like to order it we have all colors all sizes true to size on the fit of this beautiful sweater and it's still yours if you'd like it we have so many more goodies to get to so stay right there.