Jamie Gries Chenille Marilyn Collar Sweater with Brooch

ready okay I have to say this is my favorite this is my favorite out of a whole collection that I brought I think it might be Sonja's favorite – I just had a feeling because this is very glamorous it's very glamorous and that's why you must call it

the Maryland caller well you could see what the inspiration was right we'll think about it in the 50s a lot of the Hollywood starlets would wear these large exaggerated collars and you have the choice I've been wearing it with one shoulder down you could wear it with both

down or you could just wear it with a large Cal and I want to jump up and down I can't say enough luxurious luxurious it's plush it's silky soft the depth of color the concentration of the dye in the yarn this sweater should be so much more than

we've priced it and then again a nod to my past and what you've all loved I always want to give something like a gift from me to all of you at home this brooch comes with the sweater so for the holidays you could be wearing this you could

put this on another scarf or another jacket it's that spectacular and it's removable so you've got just another beautiful accessory let's go through the colors quickly you are wearing my mini ivory why are they calling it white white yeah we're calling it white which is a beautiful I

would say sort of a creamy almost champagne color so that's the color that Jamie is wearing here we haven't gold told this is so fabulous it's almost like a pumpkin spice it's a yes rich like a golden ochre and you think of the leaves changing right at this

time of year this color in olive Sonia's been wearing it in olive we also have two more colors and those are going to be the red which is like I would say like a ruby red a rich deep red and we have it in black okay shop your

size extra small through three s let's go to the phone so we can say hi to another Barbara Barbara in Kentucky you're live with Sarah say hi to Jamie you are getting me hi Barbara how are you oh what a surprise for me I did not know that

you were on with the Netherland on TV and I ran it bonded by accident and just had to call and tell you that I have many many sweaters from your storybook line I have taken care of them all of the years a lot of them are seasonal and

I wear them proudly and so many questions about them they're just the top of the line I've never had anything like your stories of me and my sister also love them so much and I lost her about ten years ago so I had that several of her story

that make so I have a lot of sort of it are so so gifted and I'm so talented and I just want to thank you for your beautiful walk and I said seeing you on here will you be back on again yes I will I'll be on this

evening and I believe I'm coming back December 2nd so I do have more to come but I have to share with you that the holiday the three that we have they're the only ones that I've done for this year for the holidays that are very traditional like storybook

oh okay all righty but I didn't catch you no beginning so thank you so much and you're a dear to call in and I love the stories and really it's heartwarming and I love to hear that you still wear and treasure the sweaters thank you thank you Barbra

and you know we'll show you some of those holiday sweaters in just a moment Barbra so stay tuned we'll give you a few more item numbers I just want to remind everybody loving that you are getting the brooch included you can wear it or not wear it you

can remove it or you can move it to the other side or you could wear this on a scarf or another fun hat or a wrap or a pashmina shawl it's just more possibilities but this is okay we've had a lot of sweaters in the hour we've had

fun we've had classic this is Jamie's pick and you know I jump up and down and get so excited there's a reason it's the feel it is so gorgeous you can wear this three different ways think of your favorite chenille robe or bedspread that's how soft this is

silky soft plush not bulky it's not going to add weight you could see the models have it on off-the-shoulder or just regular you could wear this to a football game you could wear this to a holiday party i actually point out what mary kate did with her collar

so if you're not an off-the-shoulder girl you're not you've got lots of options she actually just sort of rolled it under isn't this pretty almost like heat or shot a necklace she rolled that under and then she anchored it with her brooch that's another beautiful way and look

at that no shoulder is showing the skin is showing just another beautiful open neckline Jamie you're doing the one Chandra's show I'm going to show right I'll stand here with my girlfriend here some of these two one-shoulder and I loved this so much and so did the buying

team we kept adding colors because they loved when they got the sample in they're like no you have to do it in red of course we do it black no what about the gold color we just could have had 20 colors in his sweater show us the ribbing

around the collar because it's so not a lot of sweaters that I would go wear it off the shoulder or this one you can link here it's going to stay it's very very sturdy and again I did the one shoulder you can play around with the neckline that

we have here around Sony I want to show the back too because you can actually see it it folds over all the way across the back and that's an extra layer that keeps it right in place and that ribbing also sort of locks it in against the other

knitting so it's not gonna slip or slide and if you have you've got a strapless bra you can you can wear that all day long or the bras are so pretty now Rhonda Shear you can show your bra yeah we're didn't collar underneath how would we care for

these it says hand wash dry flat and again I would always remove the broach and remember you're getting that included it's over two inches in diameter so you can again remove that wear a brooch for a weather dressy and if you just take the brooch off I believe

it's very casual I love this golden color with jeans back to brown camel wait do you see the out the looks that you can create with this and again that brooch is so beautiful maybe just start with the black if you don't have a really pretty dress a

black sweater or the ivory right yeah wear the black or the ivory and are good to go alright so many sweaters and so little time so many choices to do this