Jamie Gries Collection Barcelona Sweater

welcome back everyone so Jamie and I were talking we like the Bobbsey Twins out like the sport owes the Legos great sweaters and do neck underneath oh we both started out in Poncho's we're just all the winter essential to you good and comfortable there is nothing like this

season it is not always about oversized but sometimes about comfort it is colder outside we want to snuggle up with these feel-good fabrics you know you're getting exclusive you know you're getting tremendous quality shopping with Jamie Greece here with her exclusive collection is that sweaters have finally come

into their own you know what they are like a staple they are acceptable to wear everywhere and look I do my best to offer you things that are handcrafted goodness is something that you haven't seen before love love love this is one hundred percent hand knit with this

cable stitching here and then this part is hand loomed it's two by two ribbing super supersoft the most delicate elegant yarn and again I I did have one presentation with this the last time I was here I loved this piece so much it's like everything that I've you

know worked for over the years in one sweater you've got this beautiful delicate yarn you've got the hand knit you've got the crochet work the crochet work is embellishing each sleeve detail denim blue ivory and black super lightweight again and I said this earlier for this price it's

impossible it really is you it is almost impossible to find knitters that know how to do this and then to see this kind of price tag so if you're looking for the holidays and you want to get some something for your sister your best friend your mom that

is that the person that is impossible to buy for but you love sweaters I would say this is the piece this looks it's so user-friendly brenneke tell me you lick it off yeah made you can say the lightweight feel of the sweater it is not scratchy and itchy

and it is not it is not weighing you down and sometimes when you see sweaters you're thinking am I going being today can i just wear a sweater that i can live in and enjoy throw it on you will feel the difference in Jamie sweaters when you say

soft that is an understatement I don't know how to describe this until you get it home and feel it it is like it is like a t-shirt right now I keep stressing that because when you see cables and you hear Hannah yes you're thinking very heavy very bulky

this is extremely lightweight that is what makes this so unique the bulkiness of the stitch is just in the trim the cable trim that you have down the front there is a pompom stitch there is a there is two cables intertwining creating this wonderful brave like a pattern

it has a zigzag pattern I added the hook and eye closures most of the time you would just pop one closed and it just will open up like this these are large to Jamie you know sometimes you have hook and eye closures and you're like I'm spending an

hour trying to hook it put this together so I love that you have done a really nice size if you've got some dexterity issues or you just like that larger look I have it on detail I do I love this open and then I was saying in my

other presentation this black one over that we all have that little black dress for the holidays what jacket do you wear over it going out getting to the party getting to the restaurant this piece so beautiful so elegant I just cannot even decide which one I like the

best but I stress again super lightweight I have never done a piece like this before hand crocheted hand knit those popcorn details are great it's like it is versatile to you will love this this is a three flexible payments for the holiday weekend so less than a twenty-dollar

bill to enjoy the Mars alone and sweater with