Jamie Gries Collection Sweater with Scarf

I'm telling you you're going to have to be so quick so here you are getting both you are getting this fabulous scarf and you are getting this gorgeous acrylic sweater rib knit sweater / mere like a quilt like feels like a cat looks exactly like cashmere but you're

not paying that price and easy care and two pieces and the reason i unfolded this for 49 days a substantial reversible scarf so you have got the gray on the one side and the denim blue Bobby is holding the heather gray with the black and then if we

again i was listening to everyone earlier Stephanie saying gray is the color my gosh and below this is the two tone grey the darker gray with the lighter gray Wow okay both of them for 49 99 free shipping and handling 2 flex pay payments as we are beginning

we have all the sizes and extra small all the way through three acts everything completely washable all hand washable and a great length you know again it runs in a medium for about 26 and three-quarter inches it is almost 30 inches in the 3x the matching scarf to

go right and i love the star i love having to start that's so iconic and again i loved this honestly two scarves in one almost chamber ssible it is so thick it is definitely substantial and on the basic it is not so basic you have the inside out

seen you have one by one ribbing all around the neckline you have got the seam down the front and also what I love the little side slit for comfort and again full coverage you know it will cover the back side you want to wear this with leggings or

jeans you don't it will cover your stomach the hip area and the backside and it is nice I love I cannot stand to lie up i have same way you feel like you're being choked and again all this wonderful length on this you cannot it you can double

this there are so many different ways and again if you're giving this as a gift I would wrap it separately so they get to open it and it just keeps going to get the sweater and you get the scarf wow that is a while and you know it

when you this is one of those items I think you have to really get it home to appreciate the value of what you purchased I've been a lot of comparison shopping in holiday shopping already and i am telling you can buy the scarf or forty nine ninety and

heaven knows there is no way you can come close on the sweater so great that you're right i love lack gray or grey i'm thinking a slam-dunk I mean you'd even think about it but then for all of us you know we love we love our jeans and

then of course the gray which you said anything anything at all that we have brought in here in gray has been flying three minutes so that is all we have remaining and again to remind you that this is Jamie's final show a final day of shows of the

entire year and this is one even the silhouette of the sweater is easy to shop for because it is a more relaxed style typically very flattering very flattering but look at this I mean this to me again really embodies everything that we think about you know a navy

entire generation you can just kind of put it on and just like cuddle up and wrap that scarf around your neck casual cozy chic comfortable yes again sporty but looking really so beautifully put together I think that is my favorite thing that I have introduced this year the

matching scarves not adding a charge up for it is really i'm giving you the accessory for free and you don't have to go out and search even on the web sites looking what do i have that i can just tie all this together we have accessorized you from

head to toe could we make shopping any easier for you to look so fantastic exactly and what a phenomenal value again so I know we have only about a minute remaining the black and at this point though we do still have all of the sizes in each one

ranging from extra small to 3x here it is in the black and the black as you can see with the gray the scarf reverses so you can wear it on the gray side with the black star or you can wear it on the black black side with the

gray star jamie has it with the beautiful the fabulous blue it is like a slate blue and reverses to the gray and I want all of you to know the tag simply you just clip it off with your scissors snip snip it is not sewn in it is

really easy to remove we just put it on there for easy care for wash instructions look at the gray in the gray I mean you know what this one I think is very has an elegant very chic with the headlight think so too in like this wonderful steel

color you can see all the grades and variations then the black with gray again it is you will just wear these basic pullover sweaters over and over and over again and then when you just want to make it that much more popped and bring it to life you

add the great scarf and oh by the way the leggings I want everyone to know about the library jamie is wearing the leggings and if we can pop the graphic up customers online