Joan Boyce Rhinestone Embellished Sweater

today now we're going to talk about another beautiful Joan Boyce creation she does fashion so well this we took from a killer savings from 10 nine to thirty nine dollars and ninety-five cents plus it's available for you under twenty dollars on flexpay so bill is actually holding the

navy we have the black and we have do we not have the blush that I don't think we have the blush but ok so just on but we have this is gray okay gray listen this is the best buy in this hour and I'll tell you why and

I'm not making a joke here first of all this is all sequin excuse me this is all what's called heat pressed crystal and their pho crystals that are heat pressed into the garment you'll see up close there's no grommets to hold them on and it feels like a

cashmere but it does is a synthetic do you see the quality there's now can we get any closer than that I'm just curious and I love oh my god the particular crystals like with the Navy it's blue crystals with the black it's a clear crystals on the gray

you have the aurora borealis and the silver crystal so the Chris here the middle of the color the sweater look at the black these are black black diamonds and clear diamonds this is honest to God if you did not shop with us until just now you need to

pick up the phone you need to order this and you need to get it home and try it on with a solid pair of pants or a skirt you're going to go thank god i ordered this look at regina wearing the gray look at our other beautiful model

whose name slips my mind Laura Laura wearing the black and I've got to tell you between the two and the indigo blue 439 95 you couldn't buy a sweatshirt well indigo blue back with our ivory jegging that ivory jegging from dg2 is 2495 now tell me that isn't

the most spectacular transitional outfit from winter into spring look look yeah the relax great too very cool and then if you wanted to you could probably get away with wearing the end we sell out of the indigo blue here's we are the indigo blue the indigo blue goes

with everything i could gray look at the gray with it exact so doesn't have fun with this sweater there's going to be when you're going out at night and you want a great-looking sweater that you know you could easily spend one hundred and ten dollars no plans Jenna

Couture boutique and getting over 1998 on your credit card get a lot of mileage out of it this is a hand wash dry flat you know John uses what is called like a simulated cashmere it's a hundred percent acrylic cashmere so it's like faux cashmere in that it's

soft it's comfortable it's washable you don't have to worry about dry cleaning it's not going to be as hot as cosmic cashmere but it will keep you warm in the winter time it does not pill like cashmere pills and you're going to love the feeling on and plus

the crystals are heat pressed onto the fabric there's no grommet on the inside of the sweater abstract your skin I just love that this looks so expensive and so boutique ish and you know what it just glistens enough that if you don't like a lot of sparkle it's

a little bit more subdued because the pattern is smaller when I think to bill I love that she matched the colors of the crystals back with the tourists like I said the black is the black with the gold the blue is the blue back with the silver and

I want to show you the gray because she did something really pretty on the gray she did the aurora borealis crystal back with the silver so you get that really gorgeous like little you know pastel aurora borealis back with that silver and this is such a great way

to two bills point it feels like cashmere but if you're like me and you can't wear cashmere because of allergies and things I know you had a problem with category absolutely cashmere wool absolutely this is going to be something that you will be fine to where we're going

to do a last call on this one with the good news is if you are on board you do indeed habit so stay right where you are we're going to get you taken care of and we're going to close out the show