Liz Lange So Soft Sweater Knit Ultimate Maxi Dress

with the queen of illusion miss Liz Lange you want to look thinner you want to look sleeker you want to look like perhaps by chance you've been hitting the gym a little bit you got to try out this collection Liz Lange truly is known as the queen of

illusion for her fit tricks and her smart architecture that she actually builds into the clothing you may or may not know that this woman has decades of experience she actually was an editor at Vogue she has dressed tons of celebrities we're talking about all the Cates we're talking

about Julia Roberts the list goes on and on and on why do they turn to her because they know that when they wear her fashions they absolutely look their very best doesn't matter what angle that camera catches you on so we love her here I know you do

too we're going to get started we've got a lot to show you so the show may feel a little quick miss Liz Lange you come over here I love this woman I say there's a special place in heaven for her but I said she was an editor at

Vogue with decades of experience known for her celebrity dressing and a red carpet dressing you have seen her on some of your favorite television shows and your favorite magazines like people and glamour and Vogon in style here she is good morning to you my friend hi I love

you seriously I love her because for fluffier curvier women like me you do miracles you make me look my very best and when you look the very best you feel confident you walk into a room with a different energy so think of a well thank you so much

okay so we're getting started with a dress that may look familiar to you here's why this is of course her ultimate maxi silhouette this is without a doubt her number one selling silhouette and what she did with this one is that she actually gave you a wonderful soft

sweater knit this is called her so soft knit it's the ultimate maxi dress you get to bring it home on three flex of twenty three dollars and thirty cents free shipping and handling so if you've always loved this silhouette but you want it little more transitional for fall

for winter this is it I'm going to walk you through the colors quickly and then I'm going to let Liz explain why this dress has always been one of her best sellers you're looking at that wine color you also have the classic black everybody needs a black gorgeous

dress makes you look great there's that gorgeous charcoal color that's really beautiful which are no I happen to love camel such a fabulous neutral sure and this is not one that washes it's a very warm camel with pinkish and bluish undertone so really it's a camel that I've

always been able to sell to you because it is so flattering on every skin color it absolutely is we have olive which by the way if you do fashion follow fashion you know this is one of the hottest color on the runways this year so there's your olive

and i softened it i soften the olive again so everybody can wear and then there's your ocean depth 346 694 is your item number of miss Liz this is your ultimate number one best-selling silhouette is I mean this is the dress that you all collect because it makes

you look so so thin but what I did with this version as Leslie was saying is you have been begging me for a sweater version well let's let's go to the fit tricks follow along with this animation the dress on the left is my dress the white lines

are indicating the indented dream seams and the arrows are pointing to your waist where I've indented to seeming even further building you an hourglass I must point out that the dress on the right is the same size but with regular old side seams that just looks like a

house and we were showing you a back view to show you I have you covered from every angle now we are highlighting the wide to thin sash that I've built for you it's it to your waist it makes your waist appear to widdle from wider to thinner so

I think these are the reasons why you love this silhouette what I've done here is Leslie was saying is you have been writing me and begging me to do it in a fall winter version in a sweater knit but I knew that in order to do that I

had to find the perfect the softest softest sweater knit I can find and that's what I did it's it's it's that perfect way it's it's light enough that you could almost wear you know every season yet it's got the coziness of your favorite winter dress and the hand

is almost like cashmere you're right it really really feels like cashmere me I'm calling it my so so soft knit she is not for a reason I'm not joking around you're a woman that stays away from sweaters if you are stay away from fabrics because you think they're

going to be itchy this is dream this is so so soft it's actually appropriate that you named it the so soft knit and it really is the softest most amazing hand I find that it's the perfect way to it's not a heavy sweater fabric it's not a light

flimsy what exactly about trans perfect transitional absolutely i'd look I'd love to show it you on some of the models do we have the time for me to walk over and just because I showed you the animation but I kind of think sometimes on a live model you

get it even better you take off and I'll actually run them through the cipher so we actually do have petite inseam or petite length which is 48 inches in the length or you can choose average which is 50 inches in the length extra small through 3x available you

want to hand wash this simply lay it dry to flat so easy care easy wear but this is her number one selling selling silhouette in a new fabrication this and we should just mention again the fabrication is that it's heathered which is even actually the most expensive way

to do sweater knit but don't worry we have not passed that expense along to you so you'll see all the beautiful beautiful flex that come with this so here I'm looking at colette in the ocean depth which is really a gorgeous blue so let me show you if

you follow along with my fingers I painted my nails red so that you can really really watch because it's hard to see it through the TV screen what I'm talking about when I talk about indented dream seams so what we have here is in Collette you'll excuse me

but normally your waist would start out here right you know where the side seams of any typical dress that you're used to buying would be not on this dress on this dress there are no side seams so I just need to repeat that zero side seams all the

seeming I've indented in words I brought it in word making your body look its absolute slimmest so what I've done here is your waist doesn't start out here the seams are in here so not out here but in here look at that jump from out here to in

here and so then when you look at your waist many of you may say to me Liz I hate my waist I have no waste I've lost my waist whatever I don't want to hear it in this dress I've literally built you a waist and it is so

teeny tiny no matter what your size whether you're too or whether you're 3x your waist is now the wingspan of your fingers so if you do this at home and put it to your waist this is your new way love it yes and basic seems yeah I know

me too you gotta dream seems they go all the way down the length of the dress they give you almost the slimmest slimmest version of yourself just to set your cut and then the sides magically really that is where the illusion come in comes in they appear they

almost disappear so you're here and what we've shown you all I'm still on the front is this wide to thin waist sash would you saw the animation again that makes your waist go from wider to thinner wider to thinner it's an illusion and I've given you this Hardware

some of some of the dresses have silver and some of them have gold we can go over that in a moment but very expensive-looking really modeled on the iconic a French jewelry houses famous love bracelet you can see the little screws in there yeah and the last thing

to show you if you don't mind turning around is just that all these same indented dream seams details happen on from behind you so you know I have you covered front back Center sideways with a built-in back waist again building you that perfect hourglass so I think that's

all should be pretty clear on why this dress is the dress that this is amazing and you know what's amazing is that every single woman on this stage all of our beautiful models they look like a million bucks so this is the dress that you can count on

you have a special occasion you have an important meeting at work you have to run out maybe the kids are performing at night in a school function this dress is your best friend 346 694 is your item number i have never seen a woman look bad in one

of liz's dresses and it doesn't surprise me that's why it's her number one best-selling silhouette you want to look slimmer heading into the holiday season right you want to shock all your family