Lucky Brand Ashley Cocoon Sweater Missy

street credit card payments on that say oh five six seven was it one six seven five six seven one six seven is your item number for that and now let's move on and talk about the cocoon sweater that you are wearing I've been wearing it all day it's so cozy it's the perfect cocoon sweater well it's so perfect because cocoon sweaters to me are funny when they're on the hanger because it just doesn't do them justice but then when you see when you put them on just the way that they drape and they fall it just is such a fun flattering look it is it's a really fun way to wear a cardigan that's different than something that you have at home what I love about this is the color so you're getting the marled effect here so it's actually gonna give you these almost like shades of blue and denim which makes it really easy but getting that hint of metallic as well in there so you're getting all these really rich colors really rich and sophisticated stitch detail so you are gonna order this one in sizes extra small through 3x it's about 34 inches in the length it is brand-new and saved just for our show and it's on four interest-free credit card payments these are the fun things to add to your wardrobe because they're your toppers you add them with everything you wear them with jeans you wear them with skirts you put them on over a long maxi dress that may be a sleeveless and you think you have to put away for the winter you don't yeah put on some boots and so cute you can be where if you could wear it as your top or you could wear it as your jacket you know if it's still not super cold where you are or it's not that oversized you can wear your jacket right on top of this this is a really easy sweater I find that sometimes when the sweaters are a little too big little too junky I can't put my jacket on top of it this you can actually do so so whether you know in the office or at the work wherever that might be or if you're you know on the go wherever you are this is definitely a great option for that third piece I mean it's just so adorable I'm laying out the pocket which I love a pocket so you have the line pockets that are super super cozy and really warm just shows the quality shows the integrity that's made with everything so you're getting the the pop of color in there you have the great metallic hint on the on the cuff there as well and just really really right stitch detail you know the color palette is fantastic because like you said you did kind of that denim II blue which if you're a denim girl if you love to wear jeans then you've got to have this like you literally throw on a cute little t-shirt a little tank some sort of shell and you're good to go also throw a pattern on underneath it it's gonna work as well but then you also added that goldtone stitching which is so perfect it really elevates this style with your favorite fun metallic jewelry I think you're gonna love it it's super soft too it is the length of it is also what's really great it almost has that duster feel that Hunter length which is important giving her the full coverage if she wanted to wear leggings with this this is a great topper for leggings you know if you're on the go somewhere or if it's work with dresses I mean I love how she's wearing it with the dress or with jeans you have those options the length gives you the back coverage but where it's not too tight a little bit of a dip by the neck so if you have your hair back you get a little bit of attitude as well from the back when she walks away well and it Dan can you verify what the largest size that this is available still in because I've got extra small small as one size that's about 33 inches in the length medium is 33 and 5/8 inches in the length then large extra-large is 34 and a quarter inches in the length then we do have 1x 2x and 3x okay then 1x 2x and 3x are the other three sizes on this so it's brand new we have a couple hundred of them to go around great length I think a lot of us we look for things that have more of that duster length so that you have the coverage through the hip and thigh and that area but by all means we don't want anything that's bulky right now and that's exactly it can still be flattering I think you know having the cocoon and having the drape doesn't mean that it needs to be ill-fitting it can be very flattering and I think this is a really feminine flattering way to wear a cocoon sweater I love where the sleeve length hits as well it's at three-quarter length so it's not all the way down you still are hands-free you can do if you're cooking if you're eating whatever it is you're like you're good it's not gonna get anything I think that's really important it's got that great sleeve lengths and where it hits you it's got a perfect drape and the weight to it it's really comfortable but it's not too hot but it's warm that makes sense you know it's it's not too hot but you're still warm you not good but you're not gonna overheat exactly mind if have it's almost like a Dolman sleeve if you will so it's gonna taper down like you said not be too boxy but just give you that perfect little bit of arm coverage the design on this I think is fabulous I love kind of that washed look of the denim the black it's like a blackish gray and then that pop of gold you've got the big oversized fully lined pockets in the front which just adds to this being so incredibly comfortable I have fun with this one it's really pretty and brand-new for you and truly such a fantastic value at $22.

48 on your charge card for all of those occasions this holiday season where you just need to throw on that comfortable topper but you still look amazing and I love that we're showing it with the scarf because it's really pretty with the scarf it's Mary yeah and that's fabulous it definitely looks good together yeah it really does again four flexible payments of $22.

48 order extra small through 3x on this zero seven six.