Lucky Brand Sweater Bomber Missy

we are getting you ready for the holidays making sure that you look adorable at all of your get-togethers or giving the perfect gift thanks to lucky Samantha with lucky is still joining us and we are talking about the sweater bomber because we were both like I saw a

picture of it before I actually saw it or saw it on and then when I thought I was like this is so much better than the picture could have ever been it because it is so fun and chunky and unique now this is brand new it's $22 on

your charge card it's this beautiful fun gray color and I love how soft it is it's so soft so it's got this popcorn stitch is what we call ends yeah it's a popcorn stitch and that's what that texture is and it gives it that kind of chunky cozy

feeling but it's in the shape of a bomber and we've we've all heard about the bomber the bomber is definitely something that you know for the past year it's been trending it's been on the runways it's been everywhere but putting it into a sweater is so new and

so fresh and has the functional zipper it actually even has pockets who doesn't love some pockets in here so you have a little pocket supersoft pockets and a functional you know cardigan you could wear it as a jacket here in Florida it's really not that cold just yet

but you could wear this piece as a jacket or maybe or maybe it's your third piece whether the sweater you know and yeah in the Northeast of skin a little a little bit colder you know it's just fun it's got a you know so much texture and dimension

to it that it really just makes it kind of different than anything that I have in my closet personally brand-new a couple hundred of these to go around so let me tell you how you're ordering extra small through 3x hot Lucy doesn't it look adorable on like it

makes all the difference in the world extra small through 3x on this one it is not $99 we marked it down to a special holiday price for you today to $88 and on 4 interest-free credit card payments as well on this one so you're looking at about 24

and 8 inches in the length up to 33 and 5/8 inches in the length of course depending upon the size that you pick up today super soft and fun whether you are and let's talk about how our girls have it okay you can be casual with it with

the adorable $29 t-shirt that we have available in the lucky collection or put it with a skirt and kind of elevate the look of it yes that's exactly right I mean this is the piece that you could wear dressed down or dressed up I love how they're wearing

both of them are wearing it and and also showing it zipped up I mean if it's if it's breezy out there and you want to zip it up there you have that option it's a functional zipper it's got the great pockets that are usable and then if you

want to open it up maybe you're wearing a great graphic tee underneath or some print something printed which I love personally but maybe you're mixing a little bit with the texture and prints you have an option to open it up and this is something that I like we

say you keep this everywhere you can be on the car you keep going at home I mean this is the sweater that you're always going to put on it's super cozy and as you put it on my own I take it right off of I know it's oh

my gosh this is first of all it is so warm and cozy really cute I know soft I mean that is such an interesting stitch don't you think so it's different than anything that I have it's probably different than anything you know most people have and that's what's

so great about it it's just different that's gonna be your showstopper this is a great sweater for this period of this time period no matter where you are whether in your than the warmer climate and you're wearing it as you know your as more of a coat or

if you're maybe in the colder climates and you're wearing it because it's actually cold and you can still throw your coat right on top of it yeah it's not too chunky where you're gonna get overheated what putting a coat over top but if that is your coat it's

warm enough that it's gonna keep you warm exactly that's that's the great thing about it but you can have kind of that chunkiness and that you know bigger stitch if you will without it being too bulky it's still really a very feminine cut on this sweater yes it

really is feminine and I love that you call that out it's super feminine I mean the the bomber style in general but having this really the textured stitch gives it that feminine look and then the gray color which is just it's a neutral it's so easy but it's

different than maybe what's your black cardigan your go-to black cardigan here is your go-to gray cardigan but it's the show-stopping gray cardigan it's not just gonna be a boring flat piece this has so much excitement to it it's got to hand feel it's got this really unique stitch

that you're not gonna find anywhere else and it's so cozy yeah it really as well it will be $99 today it's $88 on 4 interest-free credit card payments don't forget if you love just at sim Oh fun t-shirt the Kenya has underneath it that is available for you

ask your representative about that we actually have a variety of two or I believe four of them actually different t-shirts again only $29 you take a t-shirt you take a sweater you have a fabulous look with your little booties and jeans and then you know what you've got

that office get-together you've got something where you want to dress it up a little