MarlaWynne Crescent Hem Sweater

there are some more pieces with you that are big customer picks on hsn.

com this crested him sweater he's already a customer pick it is saved just for our show the colors absolutely fabulous and yeah and on this wonderful feels like cashmere I mean it's just amazing this is going to be the cash the catcher this is gonna be the saffron right here behind that is going to be the like that one everybody just went oh my gosh this is gonna be the plum Barry that's gonna be your most popular this one is going to be your spice over there you have your ombre blue and then behind that is the black extra small through 3x 30 and a half inches in the link so the whole idea behind this is to give you a great tunic sweater but it's a red it's a great one particularly for right now you're gonna be able to layer under it and over it as the weather goes on I love this piece because I can wear it with my leggings to give you a sweater that you can wear with your skinny skinnies or you could wear it with your leggings so some runs true to size extra small through 3x I love the drop sleeve why is that the one of the most slimming things ever for your arm well because because a it's giving you more space where sometimes your arm and this is my thing I love ruching if you I want to show you something put your hands down quick you know just stand there nepo charms up Napa charm Stan okay I want to show you something here is a way to actually make yourself look slimmer I want you to see something see this this look it's cute it's cozy look at this whenever you Roush this part of the arm is always so beautiful whenever you can whenever something will Roush Roush it up because it's actually a very slimming very elegant part of the body but of course you knew that and this looks great on you so you're in an extra small extra small and you're probably in your the small you are you have the same voice as my niece that's a funny saying Milo Minnie's alley whose birthday it is today by the way all right now right she just got engaged on top of it's so cute you know and kids today have you seen these engagements kids do now in the old days you went out to dinner you got a Rosie got on his knee and you said yes yeah now it's like bells and whistles and that meter like noon whoa anyway back to the sweater Marla please focus okay sorry oops so what I love about this is you see the crescent shape totally coverage-area perfect to wear with leggings great to wear with a skinny pant great all sick now this yarn and this weight is all seasons because you can Roush that up show there's pretty forearms of yours and you can wear it all season long I think it's a four season sweater it is so soft Lena I just love it I want to double check and make sure yes I am right cotton viscose so it breathes one of the things a lot of you have asked me for is to bring in more natural fibers and I'm really trying to do that do you know viscose actually is a natural fiber it's it's it's a byproduct of wood pulp that goes through a process yeah so it breathes rayon is great because it does breathe it is so soft and like you said that that length 30 and a half inches it's that perfect and that's what fun yeah cuz it goes down and yeah I'm going to take average satoshi read reviews on hsn.

com it's only $11 and change on any charge card six six four eight seven eight is your item number Karen is shopping with us in New York it's wonderful to have you Karen how are you tonight say hello to Marla I'm great hi hi babe are you doing I'm feeling good you are [Music] the first time I've ordered from you and I am just thrilled I got the turtleneck and unfortunately it's gonna be way twisted so as soon as it gets here I know I'll absolutely love it I got it in the cinnamon and I saw your dress Oh some time ago and I kick you myself that I didn't get it after a couple of times so I'm gonna go back after we speak you're talking about the matte Jersey direct knit dress that we showed yeah you will love it and it runs true to size care and order it true to size okay that you have petite because it's feel real you know yeah and it's great so if you are a petite absolutely go for the petite because it is true with dresses and pants it's kind of a drag when you're petite because you know it is a different cut and I do understand that well I'm gonna keep watching and I'm gonna keep ordering with this time Oh and whenever next time is and I just love your personality and that certainly comes through in your clothing well thank you so much and Karen go to Marla Wynne comm and you can sign up for our newsletter and that way whenever I'm going to be on air you'll know thankfully evening okay wait let's just you know that's not a bad thing because no yeah Stu it's just how it is absolutely okay this customer pick very popular super soft super great length on this as well with your leggings to give you that hip and thigh coverage that a lot of us love this is a full sweater I mean this is not like a cut and so this is a beautifully linked gorgeous sweater I love this piece and I will tell you that I wear it all year round yeah like I would wear it on a plane almost like a little sweatshirt I'll bring it with me in the summer right now it's like you know we start to inch into our sweat it's don't we get you know what I mean New York finally has that air that when you do that you get like just that little bit of coolness like you go it's coming it's coming yeah and the leaves haven't quite started to turn but there's a chill in the air that's that's when this this is when this comes out every year cuz I brought this in last year I love it and it's it's really become a staple of my collection I love it that's it's our favorite time of year right firstly for fashion – I love faiiure I mean summer's great and I love the long days but me and I so much like winter clothes better yes well if you want the spice that's gonna be your first to go you're looking at it in the black right now this is gonna be your spice and tell me that these colors the spice and the saffron I mean all of these is what we're talking about fall just all of these beautiful colors that refresh our wardrobe I love like you said it is that sweater knit but if you want to wear this as more of a year-round type it's a cotton viscose so I use cotton viscose for summers.