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[Music] I'm not bragging 15, 000 steps today let's see when Lori Leland has to say but here's a little sneak peek elevate your voice yes now the Fitbit verse of two is Alexa and abled it has a bigger brighter screen in fact it does everything you want it to do it tracks your hours it tracks your minutes your miles your steps your stairs in fact this Alexa watch is even going to buy your coffee imagine that it's got everything you want and will have it at a price you can afford today from the most iconic brand when it comes to fitness amazing battery life a 6 day battery life I haven't even charged mine yet and I've been wearing it for over a week it tracks your sleep it helps you relax plus you can keep track of all your health and fitness goals and you're getting the best of the best from Fitbit this is the brand-new Fitbit Versa – it just launched about a month ago and only here on HSN do we have the best price in the market isn't this a beautiful timepiece look at how sleek it is look at how modern it is and because it just was the stroke of midnight I'm back to zero I have to start all over again life isn't fair but I'll show you all the ways you can order your Fitbit today and here's how it works you're going to choose the color of the Fitbit Versa that most appeals to you they are beautiful look at how gorgeous this watch is we have it for you in the black we have a stunning rose which it's pretty soft pink rose gold with a gorgeous pink strap already my number one fan favorite and we also have it for you in the mist which is like a steely gray color now in the box you're getting all the original packaging that the Fitbit Versa – you're getting 2 straps one will fit a small/medium wrist and one will fit a medium/large wrist so right out-of-the-box you're getting a watch that will fit everybody whether it's for you or whether it's for someone on your gift list now you're also getting only here at HSN an additional Fitbit strap you're getting a beautiful fresh clean white strap all you do is choose the size you want and your additional strap and that's a bonus that's something you're not gonna get anywhere else so here's how it breaks down this is the watch that is about $200 everywhere else on the market I I dare you to compare shop around for one day and one day only we're gonna not only give you this $200 watch we're going to include the extra accessory band another $25 value and we're gonna save you a total of $55 off retail so huge big savings day pick your color pick the size you want in the extra band get it home for about 28 dollars and 33 cents that's the advantage of flex pay we also free shipping on all electronics today so jump right in it can place your order online at hsn.

com or you can give us a call but give yourself the gift of fitness something to track your health something to track your wellness and something to inspire and motivate everyone you love this holiday season I think you're gonna love it Lori Leland how many steps did you take today I did 12, 000 that was incredible well I had to walk my dog a couple times this is the most gorgeous but you've ever seen this is a brand new Versa – like you said Sarah elevated in every sense of the word it's stylish it's absolutely gorgeous you're getting that unbelievable screen so this is the upgraded screen oh and look at this an always-on display so Sarah without tapping or lifting your wrist you can just automatically glance down see what time it is you can get some quick stats right here for how much you've walked you can see I'm your heart rate right there super easy and then when you go into this look at the screen it is absolutely a thing of beauty I'm wearing that stunningly gorgeous rose gold it has that edge to edge screen so it has a larger viewing area which we absolutely love with this and you even have the ability now to watch all of your notifications come in you can do quick responses if you're with Android it is absolutely a gorgeous upgraded experience from Fitbit I want to just jump in quickly Laurie and give everyone a heads up we expect this to be extremely popular because we know this is like one of the number one top-selling Fitness brands in America and we've got the best price anywhere for one day only so lock yours in early already more than 2000 of you have placed your order for 28 dollars and 33 cents a month on any major credit card it can be yours just place your order over the phone or online but let's talk about the Fitbit Versa to just kind of walk us through some of the most amazing feature these are features they've never done on a watch I mean I know this is absolutely incredible so you now have your Amazon Alexa your favorite digital voice assistant built right in so you can do voice commands if you're asking for calories or setting reminders or turning on and off the smart device is in your home you're gonna be able to do that you have Fitbit pay so at any of those contact lists paying opportunities that you have out in the world you could just have your Fitbit you don't even have to bring your wallet it's so handy and we are talking about best-in-class battery life nearly a week six plus days before you ever have to charge this you have an OLEDs screen if you've ever priced out television sets the LED they're the most expensive one so this is a brighter crisper easier to see screen again more viewing area than ever before this is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so it means that scratch resistant it's perfection wait'll you get this home wait'll you see it if you have to have the latest and greatest of everything if you love the most premium of things you're going to go crazy over this Fitbit Versa – oh you're right totally reset there went all my steps up at 39 now oh well so this is going to show you so much and give you information about your body that you've never had before how many steps you've taken your distance traveled it has a built-in altimeter so it shows you how many floors you've climbed during the course of the day you also have here your active minutes you have your calories burn and then this is going to give you your seven-day history all right here on your wrist and Sarah Fitbit is going to show you so many different things so there's your heart rate that's built right in as well so you have that always-on continuously monitoring her rate I love that because now you know exactly what's going on with your heart you're getting up to the moment stats you can see everything right on your wrist there was a time Sarah where you had to go to the app to kind of get this information but now it's right here when you glance down at that gorgeous screen on your versa too and so there's the heart rate information it's all here for you and I'm telling you sleep that is one of the most impressive and amazing things that your Fitbit Versa 2 is gonna tell you and this is a deep dive into your sleep so it's gonna show you your light sleep it's gonna show you your deep sleep it's going to show you how well you slept at night how many times you were awakened it is gonna give you all of the information right here on your wrist you don't even have to go over to the application to be able to see it so talk about your new fitness best friend also your SmartWatch also your smart device controller I mean it really is amazing it helps you stay on target with your fitness goals keeps you connected to your cell phone you know when calls are coming in you know when you're getting text messages without being rude you just glance down I mean it really does it all I mean if you've wanted a SmartWatch and you also want a Fitness watch a fitness tracker this is really where you get the best of both worlds and you really get the most for your money I think that you've you've ever seen in any other fitness maker out there already Rose is our number one bestseller both Lori and I are wearing the Rose and that's a total of 2800 now been spoken for here's our today's special it's always our best value of the day and it's only for one day only or as long as our quantities last so I can guarantee you for this one day in one day only we have the best price anywhere we went directly to Fitbit they gave us a very special HSN exclusive offer no one else can come close this is a $200 watch not only do we give you $200 watch and take $30 off the price we give you another great value a $25 value and that's an additional strap so everyone's getting your choice of color I'm wearing that beautiful rose color already 100 step today look at that no girl I've done absolutely no activity whatsoever you walked over the table basically I walked into the studio that was my activity starting at midnight Eastern Time let me show you the colors and you can dive in and figure out which one's for you and then think about doing this for a partner a spouse a girlfriend a family member a friend a co-worker because fitness is fun when you do it together and that's the great thing about Fitbit you could do challenges together you could inspire each other you could motivate your friends and family so maybe you're going for that beautiful rose pink which is just gorgeous I love the way this fits on the wrist it's a very low profile it's very comfortable and remember when it comes to you right out of the box everyone's getting two different sizes of straps so everyone will get a custom fit no matter who you are and what size wrist you have the black also very sharp sleek and very very cool looking and then we have this gray color that's called mist so everyone's getting a choice of colors then once you choose your color everyone's getting an extra band and all you do is you decide what size would you like in the extra band you may or may not even need it it's just nice to have a little extra band off to your side or if you want to switch up the colors to customize it choose if you want the small size in the extra band or the large size the small is gonna fit up to a 7 inch wrist that would be like me or Lori the large is gonna fit up to a nearly 9 inch wrist so really a super great time to place your order is early in the day where we can give you this great opportunity to choose your color and then also to jump in on those flex pay and the free shipping because here it is this is this is the Fitbit that you've probably been waiting for I've had so much fun wearing this over the last week so I think I'm doing everything I've done stairs right I've been on a bike ride I've been swimming in a pool because it's water resistant it is water is the set is awesome 250 meters walking I've been hiking I've been biking I've been sleeping right monitoring my sleep there's so many great things you could do with this watch you can load it with all your music so this will store 300 songs for you just connect it to your Bluetooth headphones as you go out for that walk or that run or your doing any outdoor exercise and you don't even have to bring your phone so you don't need it look at the weather so the weather with this app is built right in this is already on your watch you just set your location it's so amazing and then you even have Alexa so let's start asking some questions this is America's favorite digital assistant so we love Alexa you just push and hold the button here and you can start talking to it there's a built-in microphone that will hear you and then respond to you right on the screen and it's really easy how many calories are in a bagel just takes a couple seconds but look it's telling me look 289 calories in a bit you know I don't know if I wanted to know that to think about it check this out so you can just go back in turn off the lamp so we use this and then all you do is operate from your versa to any of the smart plugs in your home so we have one we'll show you in a little bit with the Christmas tree you don't have to climb underneath the Christmas tree right to be able to turn it on and off you can use your versa – and the power of your voice with that built-in microphone it automatically hears you isn't that so cool you can do everything we could spend an hour talking about all the things it does do and we'll definitely try to get you through all of those great features but I want to answer a couple the questions that are coming in on Facebook we are all streaming live on HSN Facebook page so jump right in someone said is this this this is the Fitbit Versa – yes this is this this is the Lua distict realistically we just literally got the announcement from Fitbit and then launched it about a month ago so to have this incredible value and deal here it really and truly is amazing this soon to be able to bring this to all of you already been wildly popular by the way Fitbit is the number one top fitness tracker in the world so this is the brand in the company you want to own because they are constantly updating and adding new features very exciting features they know a lot about your sleep they're gonna help guide you so this is an overall look at the dashboard you've seen a lot of these things that are already mimicked right there on the wrist so you see all of these things but there's your steps right there this is gonna show you your sleep and how well you slept so all of that is right here and I love sleep so sleep is constantly evolving look at this they now give you a score for your sleep so not too long ago Fitbit upgraded sleep stages so you could click on any of this and you would be able to go in and see how many times you tossed and turned how many times you were awakened when your deep sleep happened now at a glance oh you can just wake up in the morning and look at this and it assesses that information based on your heart rate and this is gonna give you an overall sleep score so that's something that's brand-new that we're super excited about with Fitbit if you've ever been frustrated by waking up in the morning thinking my goodness I feel like I ran a marathon what happened this is gonna give you insights about your body and about your sleep that you've never had before that always on heart rate again this is gonna give you the information about your heart I've been wearing my Fitbit for years I have information here that goes back months and months within my app you can bring that in to your doctor and then you can even lose weight with Fitbit so if Fitbit is gonna be your best friend on a weight loss program and I'm going to show you how that's gonna be so if you want to start losing some weight all you do is you put into Fitbit how many pounds you'd like to lose and then you'll be able to simply and easily log your foods so you can do that by either inputting them or you can simply scan the barcode with your camera mazing and it shows you everything and then you just log it so if you're doing a keto diet it shows you all of your money your macronutrients I mean this is the way for you to not pack on the pounds before the holidays was just something that I always do and I'm always concerned about it and I mean think about this too if you do already live a healthy active lifestyle this is gonna give you more information if you're a self-proclaimed couch potato like me sometimes this is a great way to get up and going because it gently remember you two get moving and that's what I love I mean this could be for the beginner athlete you don't have to be doing you know ultramarathon have to be doing iron man's to enjoy wearing a fitness tracker what it does is it can eat the easy reminders to just get moving it can inspire you to take a few extra steps or take the stairs it can inspire you just to park a little bit farther away from your office you can get a couple extra blocks in and our models right now getting a great exercise on a stationary bike you don't even have to leave the house and right Terri's over there and we're tracking right now on her her heart rate her heart rate active minutes two minutes yep and the really neat thing about Fitbit is you don't have to log anything manually anymore so Fitbit automatically knows when you're taking a walk automatically knows when you're taking a bike ride remember you were so impressed by that automatically knows when you're doing aerobic activity automatically knows when you're doing any of those things on an elliptical machine Fitbit knows and it logs it for you also that sleep tracking happens automatically gone are the days where you had to put it into sleep mode and let me show you something really really cool and new so when you swipe down from the top this is of course gonna give you all of your notifications but this also gives you a brand new menu so your Fitbit pay is right there so if you want to pay using your credit card you just preload your credit card right on here and then you could just pay any of those kiosks where you don't have to have a you know it's that contact free really really easy but look at this so when I go to bed at night check this out Sarah I touch right there on the screen and it turns off that always-on display it prevents anybody from getting through to me on the notifications so right there with a touch of one button I go into sleep mode and this is completely you don't need an alarm unless of course you set one to wake up wait one of the number one questions were getting on Facebook is is it waterproof yeah the answer is yeah a resounding gigantic yes yes it is you can swim you can surf you can sweat you can get caught in the rain you can't I've been swimming in the pool with this if you forget to take it off when you take a shower or wash the dishes or wash the baby you certainly don't have to worry about that and it's water resistant up to 50 meters most of us are not gonna go deeper than 15 meters right and if you're swimming with this this will automatically track your laps in the pool which is awesome as well so that could be a great exercise you're enjoying and you know we used to have to switch to a different Fitbit right we used to have to put on the Flex or switch to a different one when we were doing water activities not with the versa two you're gonna be able to wear this everywhere all the time I don't know about you guys but I like to get credit for my steps even in your shower exactly fun thing about Fitbit you always can look down and and get that little boost of energy sometimes it reminds me like take a few more steps this hour those are called micro goals so those that gives you the opportunity to take 250 steps every hour if that feature drives you crazy you can turn it off so again you're in charge of customizing but it just makes you mindful of moving if you were like me you sit in an office for a good part of the day this will get you up and moving it is kind of like that little gentle nudge in the right direction the thing for me when I started wearing Fitbit and by the way they're the innovators basically of wearable technology in the first place they've been doing this since 2007 for me I thought it was having this really busy lifestyle just because I was hacked you know everything was hectic and stressful that didn't mean I was getting in a good workout that just meant you know I thought I was I really wasn't moving nearly enough I started wearing Fitbit and I realized I was only moving about 2500 or 3000 steps and it's not enough this gently reminds you not in a judgmental way at all but it says hey you know why don't you get up and move our I realize this is a lot more happier than my own memory yeah oh I exercised on Tuesday and looked at my watch oh no I didn't doing anything on Tuesday let me discover these beautiful colors for you and invite you to place your order if you've always wanted a fitness watch if you've always wanted a fitness tracker if you've always wanted a SmartWatch and maybe you saw the other brands out there that are very very expensive let me tell you what you're getting here today you're getting the most premium the most luxe the most high-end watch that Fitbit has ever offered it's called the Fitbit Versa – it just launched just about a month ago it's brand new we have the best price anywhere on the market in fact all you do is pick your color we have the mist we have that beautiful rose which is our number one bestseller already not surprised all of our fashionistas out there we also have it for you in black now in the box everyone's getting two straps of the same color either the gray the rose or the black and that will fit anyone because they're completely flexible and versatile and universal so everyone's getting two straps included in their box now this on its own is $200 everywhere else everywhere else is a $200 watch only here at HSN do we take $30 off the price and we give you another band we're giving you a white strap and that's also from Fitbit so it's designed to match and integrate beautifully it lets you customize lets you change out the color a little bit or just have some fun and all you do is choose what size you want and your extra accessory band we have it in a small/medium or you could do the medium/large either way you can't make a mistake except to miss out on our best value of the day and also the best value anywhere on the market for Fitbit number-one brand when it comes to fitness trackers I think you're gonna love it it's getting rave reviews in the market but it's not just about exercise it's not just about getting those steps or that heart rate up it's also reminding us when we need to slow down right Lori absolutely if you're having a stressful day if the world is taking its toll as it tends to do sometimes with us this is gonna give you those deep breathing exercises to help connect you mind body and spirit so you can do two or five minutes and I'll tell you what my little secret weapon is I have had a really really great result doing these deep breathing exercises just before I drift off to sleep it has been amazing for me to help quiet my mind it's one of those great things that you can just do for yourself in the middle of a stressful day and it's built right in so it's one of those great little apps that's preloaded now I want you to realize this is super super simple and easy setup all you're gonna do is download an app and this works with every single system so if you are an Apple user if you're an Android user if you have a Windows Phone if you have a Google phone whatever you have this is absolutely going to work with that so you don't have to be married to one particular system to be a Fitbit user and again this is the brand-new latest and greatest this is the Versa too so this is the one that has all the premium upgraded features this is the one with that incredible Alexa assistant built right in and I love the fact too that as soon as you get this home you are supported you're gonna receive via email after your order a link that walks you through the setup so the very first thing that you're gonna do is whichever phone or tablet you want to load this on you're gonna download that free application okay so it's very very fast to get started you just need to make sure you're using a phone or a tablet to do it you select your versa two out of the list and then you can create this free account or if you are already a Fitbit user you just log in very simple and then you're gonna have everything that you need right at your fingertips now if you customize a little bit additionally by putting in your weight and your height and some additional information this is gonna be able to help you with your weight loss goals even more so so very simple to connect this is a Bluetooth connection that you simply turn on on your phone and tablet again this is the video that's coming along with your new Fitbit so you're gonna have a code that pops up on the screen you enter it right in I mean you will literally be up and running with your brand new Versa to in about five minutes it's so simple charge it when you get at home we're including the charger for you it has that built-in rechargeable battery and you're gonna get class-leading battery life with this one this is six plus days Sarah it's absolutely amazing in every way and I love how you mentioned how easy it was I got my sample and it was up and running within minutes okay all you need is a smartphone smartphone or anything so it could be Apple Android Google Windows whatever you have this works with everything across the board and let's talk about getting text messages and phone calls on your watch or getting other questions because I know that's what a lot of us want in a SmartWatch yeah that's what it can do as far as connecting us to the world okay this can do everything so any apps that you want to give permission can send you notification so it could be your messaging app to get your text messages this could be phone calls it couldn't be anything if you're a candy crusher and your lives are about to renew you can get a notification for that for your arlo system or your ring system and again here are the upgrades to the brand-new versa too so you're getting that Alexa by Amazon built-in voice assistant that microphone is right there for you you have Fitbit pay so all of these various things you have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 here so it has rounded edges it's a crisper brighter more beautiful more premium screen but it also is scratch resistant so it looks good and it's sturdy anodized aluminum hardware this is not plasticky and in a way it's so beautiful by the way gorgeous I love how comfortable it is and lightweight updated a few other features like there's only one button on the entire watch you don't accidentally press the other buttons with the Flex of your wrist so I've been wearing this in yoga class you can read this to a gym class you can wear this to work out again you're running with it the other thing people really love is how easy it is to read this is a bigger brighter screen so it really is like looking at a computer screen it's like looking at a television it's so bright it's so colorful I can read a text message what yes then you can really is calling I don't have to dig my phone out of my bag to find out who's calling is it gonna be worth it you know my search for the phone you know again both Android and Apple systems will work or Google incredible watch anything any phone out there so you don't have to be you know using a dedicated system to work with that one watch this works with everything and with Amazon your Amazon assistant Alexa she's right here she doesn't wake up when you say her name so you never worry about it being always on and listening but when you press and hold turn off the Christmas tree just takes a second there it goes yeah three seconds our Wi-Fi in her studio is always a little frisky but imagine not having to crawl underneath right and pull you can be anywhere turning on out for Christmas tree anywhere you can work that's the great thing about the watch you're never gonna want to take it off because it's tracking your sleep it's tracking your minutes it's tracking your activity but if you have other Alexa enabled devices yeah any around your home you can talk to your watch like you would talk to Alexa exactly and you don't need another Alexa device like you don't need a dot or a spot or you don't need anything else to use this you just need a smart plug if you want to do the Christmas tree or the lamp like we've shown you here in this show I mean it's really simple it really is it does come with a one-year warranty by the way and it also comes with our extended holiday returns here at HSN so if you're thinking about wrapping this up putting it under the tree or gifting it over the holidays here's what you can do you can wrap it up right now you have until January 31st to make your final decision rush and try to figure out who is this for or if you know there's someone in your life that's going to want to Fitbit this season here so I recommend do it now do it early and I invite you to place your order tonight that way you get in on your favorite color and you get in on your favorite size of that additional band so you just pick your color the black that beautiful mist gray or that beautiful soft rose gold pink this is already more than half of you are choosing that beautiful rosy pink which is just so pretty I love the way that's too then it's super comfortable reach looking at how expensive ties it looks absolutely gorgeous and then everyone's getting two extra band we have the best price anywhere so we would invite you to shop around I want you to feel really comfortable and really confident with your purchase here at HSN I'm gonna give you another great reason to shop today and that is if you apply today and buy today with the HSN credit card you're gonna get another huge savings off your very first purchase in fact it's going to be $40 off any single item purchase when open and use your HSN credit card now that's for a limited time only and that is the most that we have ever offered and the history of HSN and the bar as a discount goes off your very first purchase so enjoy the $40 off that means you're getting a Fitbit verse at two four hundred and $29 remember this is not the Fitbit light this is not the Fitbit Versa light we're getting some questions on face this is the full the feature featured premium top-of-the-line latest and greatest there is nothing better there's a premium there's nothing more upgraded than the Versa to this has a LexA built right in it has the always-on display if you just want to look down and see what time it is this is the one to get because it's right there for you you can also seal a few of your stats right there these have interchangeable watch faces so you can change the watch face right in the free app from Fitbit and what I love about this is I put my family picture and then Sarah we've been talking a lot about the smart features here as well being able to get your notifications on your text messages being able to read the entire text message right here on the screen so my hubby Ken said should we get the Fitbit Versa to for his parents for Christmas so let me answer that real quick now I'm an Android user so I have a few additional options here so I can go in and I'm actually gonna be able to do some quick replies if I want to do quick replies or some canned replies right down here sounds good emojis some fun things or I can use my voice right here with Alexa yeah let's do it that sounds great smiley face look did it and then I just click is that amazing I mean you can do so much with this watch it's so futuristic now here's the other fun part if you don't want to do any of these fancy features you can keep it you don't very easy ya can just track your steps you can just track your heart rate if that's something that's important to you you can just track your sleep if that's your number one goal for 2020 is to get the right amount of sleep and to improve your sleep this is a perfect solution for you and also for those of you that meet regularly with the doctor and they say how is your heart rate how's your activity I'm solute least so you're walking everyday now you can actually give them information because it's logging everything and then all you do is look at your Fitbit app or your watch and I'll tell you everything that you've accomplished over the last week or the month and then you can set goals whether it's a weight goal whether it's a fitness goal whether it's an activity goal when there's a heart rate goal it's so fun and it's super easy but I really don't want you to miss out on such an incredible opportunity no one else has the brand-new Fitbit Versa to anywhere near this price so I think you're getting in at a fantastic time the best opportunity we've ever offered and the only one we'll offer this year on the Fitbit Versa too so if you want this the one with the Alexa the one with the bigger and bigger screen the watch that buys your coffee the watch where you can download your apps and you can check your text messages and you can get phone calls this is the one to do and it can be yours if you just place your order over the phone or online or go to hsn.

com which I think you're gonna absolutely love it the reviews are already in this is already getting rave reviews before we even launched it yeah the versus the one to get and a lot of folks have said so what about GPS well this offers connected GPS so all you do is you use the GPS on your cell phone so here I was able to go on a bike ride with my family I was able to see our exact path and where we were going I saw our speed I saw the elevation I saw the calories I burn you can get so much information right here with your Fitbit so it gave me all of that right here one and a quarter miles we were gone about 11 minutes I went six and a half miles per hour not super fast cuz I was pulling the baby in his little carrier but how much fun is that to be able to track your path if you're a runner you're gonna love this but if you just want the simple things in life if you just want that gentle silent alarm that wakes you up in the morning this will do that if you just want to play games I know that sounds crazy but my five-year-old is obsessed there's some really great games you can download as well we play – excuse me we played tic-tac-toe together I mean you could have so much fun look how gorgeous this screen is look how bright and vivid and beautiful sometimes we have cats games because you know what we're both good at tic-tac-toe now he said he's really coming along well oh my gosh I hope they don't be be look I might win oh that's amazing I think I'm gonna win so look at that amazing so you're getting two wristbands in your main color so if you get rose you're gonna get the small medium and the large extra-large and that's gonna fit up to about seven inch wrists okay and then the only thing you need to decide is which size you want in that gorgeous crisp fresh white band I think I have this small on I do have the small too so yeah once you pick your color everyone's automatically getting two straps in the exact same color so that way you don't have to worry who's it for I don't know if I'm a small or a large the only decision you really make today besides your color is with the additional strap we do give you a choice do you want the small that fits up to a 7 inch wrist or do you want the large that fits up to a 9 inch wrist so both Lori and I are wearing the smaller watch but remember you are getting both included with your original Fitbit Versa – they they love giving everybody options so that's just a phenomenal Buy you don't have to worry about getting fancy with the colors everyone's just getting a bonus watch and that strap I should say and that's the only way that you have to actually choose your size and that extra strap it comes in white a quick question I think it's really important that's coming through Lori is do you have to pay a monthly fee do you have to pay for these features no today no monthly fee is Fitbit just improve that sleep by giving you the sleep score they did that in the background it just happened right on the application you didn't even know what was gonna happen so they're constantly adding new features female health tracking that was recently added to so you could track your cycle you know if maybe yeah you know having a child is your goal or not this is gonna help you track all of that so that's all been added to the app just in the last little bit here so Fitbit is constantly upgrading and this is gonna freak you out are you guys ready so tons of different apps that you can download if you want to out of the free let me say it again free Fitbit application ok for any of your phones Apple Android Google any of so look at this all the fun games you can make your watch a flashlight I use mine for light all the time going in and out of my son's room check it out days till Christmas ready Sarah yeah 59 days till Christmas your Christmas countdown is right here on one of those cool little applications how amazing is that you can find out what time the sunset is you have your Deezer here you've got Pandora so you can actually control your favorite music Spotify it's all right here if you want to do those deep breathing relaxation exercises they're right here with this little heart I mean it's amazing all the things that this will do and you have so many upgrades here this is the most premium device Fitbit offers the brand new just announced last month Versa to Amazon Alexa voice assistant speak – it has a built-in microphone it gives you the answer right on the screen Fitbit pay just load your credit card or a couple cards if you want and you can do that tap to pay anywhere where that's accepted the best-in-class battery life and the best battery life I have ever seen on a fitness tracker with a big giant edge to edge oh LED screen 6 plus days which is incredible and real quick let me show you how to charge it because it's really clever so there's this great little charging cradle that you're going to receive you just open it up like this it's like little jaws that pop right open and then all you do is you just pop your Fitbit whoa I made it look hard and it's really easy you just pop your Fitbit just like that right in and it's gonna charge for you you just USB plug it right into your computer or into your wall outlet this is usable battery life on any fit ever and what I love is that I can also see exactly how much time left I have on my battery I even get an email notification that says oh I didn't even notice so they be looking care of you every step of the way if you've been looking for a smart watch if you've been wanting a fitness tracker and you love these premium big easy-to-read screens this is the most beautiful the most high-end the most premium the Lux Lux Lux watch that Fitbit has ever created and let me tell you they hit it out of the park with this one this is the number one best-selling fitness tracking brand in the US over the last several years so this is the brand to own it's never been more affordable to have this look because we have the best price anywhere everywhere else this watch is a $200 watch ours tonight I'm thrilled to offer all of our HSN customers and you can be brand-new today this could be your first purchase and you'd be off to a great start with HSN because we can not only give you the best price in the country we can offer flex pay and flex pay means you have the next six months to pay this off interest-free that's just $28.

33 a months if you can do $20 a month that's less than a dollar a day we can get you started or especially if you're buying more than one which i encourage you to do because Fitbit is even more fun when you do it with a fresh room challenge a friend or family member like hey we're gonna do our steps this year or we're gonna try to maybe lose a couple pounds or we're gonna track our heart rates or I think we can really improve our sleep what do you think honey well you can actually keep track of all of that on a Fitbit and that's the wonderful thing you can inspire each other you can motivate each other and my family we're not competitive at all we don't know if challenges and it could be a weekly challenge a challenge you could set up challenges at work or just with a good friend but I think we can find you another two to join a group on the fibbin community there are so many different groups you can join if you're into running if you're into biking if you're into swimming if I joined the yoga fit community so if you just want to keep track of what classes you take you can log on to the mind/body app I mean there's so many great ways and so many great reasons to upgrade today if you have an older fitbit look like laurie yeah look remind us look how far we've come all the screens are older fit and I'm telling you these are my old old old ones and guess what they all still work look at this I had to dig the Chargers out to make these get power and up but look at this look how tidy the screens are and these are great devices that we loved and you might still want to switch back to your alte HR or some of your other favorites when the occasion arises but the beautiful thing about having this versa too is you can see it it's that big bright beautiful screen that is so easy to see so that always-on display right there any of your notifications that you want whether it's that text message coming in or the phone calls or your calendar alerts or any of the apps whether it's your ring video doorbell or it's your Arlo system anything like that you're gonna be able to get notifications and you're in charge of getting what you want all of your health stats are right here so this is your dashboard just like we saw on our wrist just a little bit ago or on the app I should say it's all mimicked right here on your wrist and then big bright beautiful easy to see icons on the largest viewing area of screen we have ever offered the Versa screens are all the same size but you can see more on this one and it's got curved edges you just feels upgraded and more premium in every single way and you know what they have said I know a lot of experts talk about how important is just to get moving yes maybe it's just a few more steps a day small goals you could start with very easy goals again you don't need to be you know in a 20-month garden or you don't need to compete in an Ironman this weekend sometimes it's just maybe I'll take the stairs maybe I'll walk a few more steps or maybe it just reminds me to take an extra lap around the block right before I come when you're kind of closing in on your goal fitbit's like oh you're almost there and then and then then you want to do it I want to walk a little bit to get the badges those awards you get little badges you get little fireworks and sound effects in fact I was in the grocery the grocery store when I got my 10, 000 steps today I was like having a celebration in the egg aisle and everyone was like what I was like nothing just made my Fitbit goal that's all just doing a little happy dance but that's the kind of thing that gets me that's the kind of thing that makes you feel like you know what I can do this and it's just that little extra bit of inspiration that keeps you motivated we're do some questions so again now is it scratch-resistant it is this is Corning Gorilla Glue I can almost say it Corning Gorilla Glass there we go three so yeah this is the latest iteration of that Corning product but it basically is gonna make this scratch resistant without needing a screen protector which is so nice and this is anodized aluminum so this is not that little you know rickety it's not a plastic body at all look at the hardware is so gorgeous but incredibly lightweight like you said earlier you know I forget I'm wearing it this is one of those that you can see it with that big bright beautiful crisp upgraded screen this is that Oh le D that organic LED and that always-on display that's what did it for me I love the other Fitbit Versa when Fitbit came out with the Versa I was like that's it I'm done this is my favorite all-time I'm not supposed to play favorites but I love it because my eyes are starting to go as I aged and I love this one because I can see it but with that always on display and Alexa built-in this is just it's the one I had to have and I know you've got folks in your life who love the best of everything this is that upgraded best possible I just got a note did you get a notification I got a notification my dad just texted me he wrote fun show your dad is still awake yeah so it's one of the questions I'm getting if you have an Apple phone do you get text messages well there's your answer right there you do I have an apple you do yes I'm getting notifications right here so then I know whether or not to grab my phone do I want to reply do I need to take that call but the Fitbit is there to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way it does so many things you may not use all the features but it's nice to have all the upgrades it's nice to have the very writer screen it's nice to have a Lexington abled the Fitbit pay I think that's also premium all you do is choose your color and then choose the size that you want of the extra strap do right now thank you so much Lori Sarah that look about her all day before as long as he's last which might not be very long congratulations everybody enjoy your new Fitbit I think you're gonna love it worried about one less thing with our protection Plus plans at HSN electronics fitness equipment even jewelry can be covered shop smarts and protect your purchase it's easy to add when you're checking out search protection plus at hsn.

com for more details some days are for shopping in style here at HSN join me callie northagen for all the latest in fashion footwear and accessories watch live on HSN or the HSN app we use goat milk because we had it and that's how our company started but what we learned over the years is how beneficial goat milk is not only for the skin but for your body go milk adds moisture to your skin it's really the most amazing ingredients people really do notice the hydration of their skin the farm two skin difference only with Beekman 1802 [Music] bill Duggan is here and he's always dancing to the beat of his own drum what music are you listening to now okay music good okay when is it okay to listen to holiday music what's your holiday after fourth of July we're in Laurie what about you I say after Thanksgiving but it doesn't matter there's so many great holiday songs and it doesn't matter whether it's your music whether it's podcasts whether it's books on tape or you want to take and receive calls we've got an amazing value from iFrogz this is a premium brand that gives you that really kind of high-end totally wireless experience these are sweat resistant these are water resistant and it really gives you freedom because they're no more cords there's no more tangles we've got some great colors for you to choose from and we'll walk you through all these fun colors this is the wireless two earbuds you get the beautiful case included we have the red we have the rose gold we've got this fun I think we're calling this vilest it's like a deep purple and we have it in black we've got a great white and then we also have a midnight blue but here's our special offer not only are we giving you $20 off so a huge sale price big big savings today but if you buy a second pair we'll give you your second pair at 25% off that means your first pair is about $60 your second pair is $45 so that means you're getting two pairs for just a little over $100 and we have six flex pay and that's on anything and everything that goes on all day Sunday here on HSN my name is Sarah this is Bill Duggan our like tronic expert in case you're just tuning in so these you could get home for $10 a month which is pretty sweet but these are also pretty awesome with a great battery life and that's just it what iFrogz is done is if there's a really popular design out there right now that has that little tail fin that hangs out of people's ears they only come in white and they have a lot of the same features that you're getting but you'd be paying a lot more for it so what you're getting with iFrogz tonight is a great battery life great microphone great audio you see how comfortable the fit is look at that our battery life because the case will recharge them these are made for the gym they have customizable ear tips they actually have a lifetime supply of ear tips which is great you can still talk to Siri you can still talk to Cortana or Google whatever type of device you have because whether it's Android or Apple these are going to work but more important than what I frogs did is they cut off the middleman they went directly to the customer and they're like you want this cool iconic tail fin design guess what you're gonna get that you see how they sit in the case they sit in there magnetically why is that important they're gonna stay in so they don't fall out but you also see that tail fin so up here is your audio down here is your microphone and you're walking away with great comfort because you get customizable ear tips and when I mean customizable ear tips let me tell you you're getting a lifetime supply i franz buy this purchase so if you happen to lose that tip that you like that fits you perfectly you could replace it for a lifetime I mean other ones don't do that other ones are molded to your ear and I pop this directly layer it's a nice delicate fit it's very lightweight I pop it in my ear and rest in there it's not falling out but what am i walking away with this guy phone calls music audio gaming wirelessly finally and when I mean wirelessly it's five hours of playback which is huge when we truly cut the cord for the first time we've got 90 minutes now we're getting 5 hours of playback and then after 5 hours I pop it back in the case magnetically sits in there and the case you can see the fuel gauge right up here will recharge them three to four times giving me 20 hours of playback on the go wow that's just so handy also look at how small they are compared to maybe the earphones or that your buds or maybe you're pulling out this big tangle of cords every time you try out of your bag you're sure you put them away neatly and then they end up one big tangled mess these are so great and again they work wirelessly with what devices well that should said any device as long as it has bluetooth so it could be an Android or Apple phone doesn't matter it could be a tablet computer television and that audio is really great like right now I'm listening to music you can't hear it mom can't hear it the co-worker can't hear it listen this Christmas yeah why not a little bit of Christmas music I could be rocking out doing my walk do my cardio doing my laundry whatever same thing though I can be listening to a television cuz I compared it to a bluetooth-enabled TV or a tablet and that's really where this is evolved we love our devices right we do phones tablets computers they all make noise they do to one person to another person it's my entertainment to me it's like I can keep walking the dog I can stay on the treadmill I can keep typing those emails and text messages because I'm talking to the phone I'm listening to my music and that's really what iFrogz has done they've cut the cord this used to be a wireless set of headphones which cost more and remember what I frogs did is they got rid of the big promos and they got rid of the celebrities because they came directly to us with a great presentation so realize this is what you get this is how it's packaged so if it is a gift guess what I could buy it today my niece is not gonna outgrow this my niece might even get a new telephone but guess what work she picks the audio in the content and that value on the second parent I know is really a gift for yourself because that second pair is even more affordable that's right so here's how it works you pick your favorite color and you're already getting $20 off the regular price and that's really $40 off retail so a huge saving you could only find here at HSN first pair is $60 your second one is 25% off yeah so that means your second pair is $45 that means you're getting two pairs for just a little over $100 which is a really great value when you think about how expensive some of these premium brands are that also offer these truly wireless no cords you don't have the wires to worry about you don't have the tangles to worry about and also they are so small and portable so these don't take up a lot of room in your purse if you want to take that call if you want to go for a walk if you want to watch that little television show on your tablet and you don't want to wake up the entire house guess what you don't have to get out this big bulky over-the-ear headphones and plug them in and feel tethered to your tablet or your TV or your computer or your smartphone you just simply pop in your little earbuds and off you go they are actually pretty hard to lose because of the magnet I can actually feel the magnet like pulling them into the case before I even drop it in there watch how cool this is I'm slowly slowly dropping it in and that it sort of falls right into place and then they don't fall out so even if I'm on a plane or I'm trying to open these you know in the car while I'm hopefully not driving but I'm a passenger you know getting them out it's just that easy and it's really important to have again especially if you're taking calls yep if you are driving you know you can't you know obviously wear headphones while you're driving and you might want to just put one in you leave the other one in it two really amazing points that magnet make sure they're connected to the charger so they're always gonna be charged so when you pull it out it's gonna be charged you brought up driving so yes if you're driving you cannot drive around town like this they have rules about hands-free driving but you can't wear a set of headphones and you can't hear what's going on that's like you wouldn't send your kids waiting for the bus or your husband like you know walking the dog where they can't hear traffic or on a bicycle but they can wear one headphone we've had people who will wear one headphone they can still hear traffic around them but they're wearing one so they can just take a telephone call like look just pause and play all your controls are right up here on that wingtip yet it's a nice comfortable ergonomic fit which is great and I want to show you too how easy it is to pair because a lot of the time for like we talked ourselves out of this technology because it's it's confusing I Franck's has made it so simple so I'm gonna watch something on my tablet cuz you know a lot of us do this whether it's a tablet computer and we're like I'm watching my great show it's a comedy it's something I can't wait to watch a co-worker walks in or I'm having a problem hearing it cuz there's there's noise in the background I go grab my iFrogz realize they're fully charged because they're in the case member they're not falling out so I take them out of the case and what you're gonna notice by the time I take them out of the case they're gonna pair to my device these are eye frogs oh isn't that nice that is silence everybody that's what you're buying you're buying yourself silence whether it's your husband's tablet your tablet or phone you even mentioned um being on your phone have you ever been on social media and all of a sudden like you're you're swiping through and it's a funny little video and it has audio it has noise and like sorry whether it's a co-worker you at the doctor's office I pop this in my ear it's not falling out I want to pause the video touch controls right here touch controls tap just like that so I mean onboard controls I can triple tap one two three it'll take me to Siri I can ask question how many days till Christmas it's gonna tell me I think if you're told me they do it's a Wednesday Christmas is on a Wednesday it's 59 days Salinas where we are we have stuff to do whether it's fitness tracking whether it's doing laundry like I got to decorate the tree I got a dust the mantle we want to listen to audio we want to listen to music take a telephone call not miss it built-in microphone and then after five hours of audio voice game from a movie it's not take it back to the house it's come back to the case and remember by the way there's a big popular brand out there right now easily over a hundred dollars more they only come in white so if you want it to be like the white ones guess what get this white pair I pop it back in the case there's only one way they go in and then all of a sudden they're not gonna fall out and they're gonna recharge and give me 20 hours of playback amazing and another brand is fantastic they're one of the best brands in the world but they're expensive so if you want to have that experience but have a choice of colors and get a really affordable price on a really great sound you can still take your calls you can still listen to your music you can basically listen to anything that's on your smartphone or your tablet you get to do it hands-free and wirelessly cordless Li you don't have all that tangled you don't have all that mess so pick your color this one's called violet and it's like a true Viking purple we've got our gorgeous rose gold which I can't get enough of that's so pretty by the way if you are shopping for that Fitbit today's special it will be a perfect match if you're just feeling like all pink and pretty today then we have the red we've got a beautiful midnight blue we have a white and we have a black remember you get $40 off your first one it already it's gonna be $40 off retail and your second one is gonna be another 25% off so that means your second one is only $45 so I would recommend get 2 of these whether it's for niece and nephew daughter and son granddaughter granddaughter and the grandson you know any of those combinations a wife a spouse a partner or boyfriend a neighbor a roommate this is such a great opportunity because everyone needs a great pair of ear buds right buddy you can with the smartphone anybody with a tablet anybody with ears these a great pair of ear buds so they're great for just about anyone any Android or Apple and you mentioned all those people you know what shoe size there are do you know what favorite color they like our music or musician it doesn't really matter because they grow with it you know they outgrow shoes Eric Rowe the sweater they will knock out grow these cuz they work you saw how easy it was to pair get them home and enjoy that audio I mean that free shipping is just great to be able to try it out and see how easy it is that white is classic and iconic but you'd be paying more for it so if you want the white great if you want the rose gold the red and the violet those are exclusive to us here at HSN so you could be the professional you're not dealing with quartz you could be the fitness lever who wants to get outside in the New Year these are sweat and water-resistant I love to take mine I take one I leave the rest at home I'm paired up with my phone I go and walk the dog I have music I have entertainment I was watching you know one of those late-night talk shows and seeing what Clips I missed on my phone as I'm walking the dog and I'm not bothering other people except great audio and remember at the end of the day five hours of playback when this truly wireless design came out we had 90 minutes which we were like awesome but now five hours and then after five hours I don't have to run home I pop it back in the case you see there's only one way for it to fit in there she's not gonna fall out and it's gonna get recharged you can wear one at a time or both at a time for both you're getting full stereo sound if you are one I can hear mom I can hear a co-worker but more importantly I'm connected to my device without being tethered and often I have forgotten it's here I've gone to bed with my head up against a pillow it's pears in the television and I've woken up in the morning I'm like where's my earphone oh it's right here and then when you need to charge your case mmm that comes with a charging cord exactly you get these large I have a fuel gauge right in front which is great you see those four little lights so when you're down to one then yeah you take it inside and you pop out here's your little cover pop it out right there you plug it into the wall just overnight and guess what you're gonna walk away with an additional 20 hours and what I mean 20 hours that's that's a long time but I'll be real I use mine for 20 minutes 30 minutes I don't use it for a full hour 6 maybe if I'm traveling on a trip which is great because you know.