MarlaWynne Lux Chenille Sweater

today but there are so many other ways that you can add a little color into your wardrobe into your accessories all right well let's talk about Marla Wynne now what I love about Marla Wynne is Marla wing when Brendan brings us the absolute most amazing luxurious fabrications but then she hides these beautiful tips and tricks like she has done in our Luck's chenille sweater now this was originally priced at ninety dollars it is on sale this morning for less than 30 and we do have it available in flex pay so 14 dot 98 cents to get this really cozy nubby chenille that is a pullover turtleneck style it has long sleeves but it is the most soft it's like wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket that I know you have on the couch that you wish you could kind of always just have with you you can so this is a lightweight sweater it is not bulky it does have beautiful feminine lines in it but it is a little bit more of a relaxed fit so I want you to think that you can layer with this but now is the time to stock up on some of your favorite items from your favorite designers because it is on clearance so 14 dot 98 cents gets at home let's talk about the color so you saw and share that she was wearing the e crew so this is this nice light winter white tone has a little bit of an ivory tone to it but you can see it's really soft has a beautiful draping turtleneck so it's not you know it's not kind of up against your skin in your way we also have it in our Silverstone beautiful platinum gray it is so soft to the touch it is unbelievably soft we also have it in amethyst amethyst this is nice lilac if you live in some of the northern states and you're celebrating you're celebrating Easter today and you're wishing you had this beautiful light lilac soft nubby chenille sweater will now's your opportunity that you don't go without it later now our final colorway is soft teal very pretty very pastel very soft and I want to kind of point out maybe this one the sort of the indentation of the seeming so you can see that it has this nice sort of sideways triangle that's coming in to a point that really draws the eye in so super sleeping not bulky and I only have a little over 100 in each of the colors so you don't want to wait what I love so much about shopping for clearance is you get what you like but you don't pay the full price and you get a chance to pair this back with your you know your current wardrobe and then you start thinking of the future and a sweater like this you were honestly you were going to wear now then you're going to fall you know you're going to the fall and into the winter you're going to love the way it just hugs you right it's that soft luxurious kind of cozy almost bunny rabbits feeling to the sweater so that's really great and you get to take advantage of it on flexpay if you have an HSN card it's less than ten dollars so I'm so glad that I'm not the only one up this morning on this beautiful Easter morning I would like to welcome in from New York albarran de who is joining me this morning Alba renda thank you so much for calling in and keeping me company happy easter copies to to thank you now when it goes you got going today I know isn't it isn't it good you're up early so you're getting at first yeah I'm gonna roll erosion and you have to cook today but watching you was great i got those jeans do you look spent at which color did you get them in auburn de they're gone you got them in the garnet oh I love it I love it so I'm a great job of HS and free years um I never any problems this stuff comes so great oh I love that thank you they're having to go shopping isn't it comfort of your own home and you get to take advantage of $19.

95 I'm Dennis you're great we love you too albarran and I'm so happy that you're been shopping you're cooking so obviously you're probably hosting something are you going to see family today I hope you stay with me whew okay but I was so happy to get through to you oh thank you I'm so happy that you called and join me I really appreciate it I hope that you stay with me we've got a couple more hours and got lots more so right now I'm doing yeah treating myself good good time as well you should we'll sit back relax and maybe take some breaks in between the cooking and stay with me and thank you so much and i know you're going to love those jeans when you get a mal Brenda thank you and your great host oh I appreciate that thank you so much I appreciate a happy easter to you you too doll all right.