MarlaWynne Mixed Stitch Sweater

thing else I got also I am having more fun she's very feisty night can buy station do not mess with I know where to start though with a mixed stitch sweater that we had in the three beautiful soft colors Marla started the show off in this soft teal earlier looks amazing on you how about these so you've got the moles you've got the winter white but look how this goes to the other guys look how easy I've made it for you and neck in Arizona hello look how gorgeous this is the dyed to match is so perfect but by the way put it with your indigo put it with black washer with these with anything in your closet camel every oh and tabloids well how beautiful those together so this is sort of another palette right so this is the cocoa you know the tamp that I'm wearing with the winter white and it is just such an easy sweater this is a sweater that you can layer over and look at what you can do this little I house we're going to talk about later you can just put this cow that is part of our presentation later over it look how pretty that is look at how you immediately turn that into a cowl-neck done and all those wonderful mix stitches I want you to see close up what these stitches look like because it's hard to see on TV so here's a point he'll write a beautiful pointelle and you can layer a little layering my little layering tee underneath you've got the rib right you've got this angle look at this this is what all the different stitches with the elevator quality of this brand marla wynne is truly you are so good and your brand is just all about class and style and elegance that's a perfect ASA noises cotton rayon cotton rayon the length years 27 hand wash dry flat so enjoy that and a special holiday price to boot so pick your favorite color that's the ecru there is the shadow mall back here and then that soft teal I like the hemline on this well this is there's a reason for this hemline there is a solution in everything I do so I'm going to head over to the models because I want you to understand what this wonderful scoop does it allows you to wear this piece with leggings right because it covers the essential you know we've covered the derriere we've covered everything but in the same way that my side slits elongate the leg seriously duty see that like am I crazy or is that not real I love the way that just brings the leg up right so you get this wonderful silhouette in this leggy look and I love it with my little vest over it but okay okay and then I love the way you've layered up this homo palette right so you've got this piece on with the matching pant this to me whenever I see those ladies you know whenever I go to LA I visit my friends who work at the agencies and they're still involved in the whole Hollywood thing and we'll go have lunch and one of the things I notice is these women who sort of glide in in a beautiful feminine tonal palette and they always look so amazingly feminine and they're wearing dresses and their nails are perfect and blablabla okay I'm not a dress girl so I can't do it that way I'm a parent girl so to me this palette is a ladies who lunch in comfort palette right it's elegant it's classy it's very European it's very stylish and look at the way Ingrid's just thrown the little piece that we had earlier the poncho over it do you see how much fun it is to be able to pick a palette and go for it and just layer it up and layer it down and you look beautiful in it but I get it honestly in a way it's unfair right because have you ever seen her look ugly in something so close it's it's so not the clothes I see when you walk in here but you both look so beautiful in these pieces so whether it's the blue or it's the mo you got what you need and you're good to go by the way I love that top that Ingrid is wearing I want to make sure we get you the information because it's nice to be able to layer and I like that you did it this way because sometimes in my mind for some reason I thought a texture shouldn't go over a texture but I like the way you did it it really works because it's tonal is that the trick that's the trick okay it's time so it works really well together although I might put like a different texture of black over this as well in contrast I'd either go k contrast your time I was 12 that cuz I was going to wear this little black skirt and that bull has kind of got a texture can I do a texture on top yeah so I learned every single time were together can you actually crack cellent I think okay good and I trust you I really do I mean you're you're super classy we do have some other sweaters still to come this is one but that beautiful what did we call that sweater that we featured last hour that Ingrid is wearing that is the mix stitch car show cardigan okay so we'll pull that back up to get the info if you want to get that whole outfit that's the beauty you make a phone call you at hsn.

com drop things in your basket use flex pay on everything you can enjoy extended returns through January of next year and feel great look great what do you got but that it is the cotton and ran so it can be in all markets it's just about how you layer it that's it that's all and the layered look is so comfortable and so now it's it's fall it's so great and thank you so much for your calls new orders we have been slamming busy ever since we got off those specialty pieces with Margot so thanks again for your calls here for a 505 481 details to come in fact I know we've got a couple more things to feed.