MarlaWynne Ottoman Knit Sweater Cardigan

now this is not a print right but then you feel the texture because you know I'm not big on principle and huge on texture so this is the Ottoman stitch cardigan so this is all Ottoman stitch you I don't cost a fortune it is a very expense it's a very exciting and I've seen it you should like to trim and trench little trim but you can never seen the whole piece and the never in a cardigan like this the fit on this is awesome we've got four colors for you yes and we've got you can do it as a set or I'm just gonna show you for example so you've got the blue right right but look at how great it is that way to do the black right okay so right so that's then midnight combat this to me is the money shot this is my favorite color I did treat my mother to this outfit because she would look so gorgeous in it smart I don't know if we have her picture in that that string beautiful bow and there's neck hair yeah right with the mushroom pant look here there's my mommy that is my mother can you believe how I look at her is she just so or you're you just want to give her and she's so much fun and she had her dog there oh my goodness the Beekman boys have goats my mother has daster he's his little black diamond dog he's black as night with little black eyes and he's a little poodle but he thinks he's like I don't know like a big big dog right so even though he's like a little dog he's got this big personality and he's very particularly and he's also got a fetish around socks and your feet he steals socks they they go away forever and he will lick your toes to the point where you want to just go just the chose he's insane but he's adorable and he makes her so happy we have the gray okay and this also has this is beautiful with the mushroom you see the mushroom in there charcoal the troll but I want to show you you can put this in there sharp right yes you can say no I live in Scottsdale and I want that color but I want to bring a little right to it right now here's the black yes which obviously look you can put the string you can put the black uh-huh you can put the gray alright so we've got really really tried to do this now here's the Enic thinks about it says me $99.

90 it's 19 yeah okay 31 inches in length and it's a this day only so that we can honor that price up until midnight and it's washable 100% cotton and 40% this so here's the thing some of you were at home and you know you think I can't hear you through your TV well guess what I can and here's what some of you said I really like the today's special Marla but I'm sure it's not right for me so that okay I can't please everybody so I did this because it still got drama it still got elegance it's still gives you that third piece but it's a very different silhouette now I wear both of them and love both of them but this is a great sort of it's a little bit more classic it's not quite as funky as this but I love it with the mush with the mushroom Bernard I think it is so this is ladies who lunch this is really who doesn't lunch because there's no way you work out its out okay in your abundant free time you work out you've been here since 6 o'clock this morning when do you work out today okay all right it's getting better but not by much right okay you're young and but but a young and so this looks fantastic right belt I don't know whose it is but really nice look fabulous you're wearing my lightweight Ponte pant you're wearing win layers tank underneath so yes Lynne I know I'm all over the place but I have to explain the law I wanted to and her Lou I heard you thinking you know you can hear everybody at home it's my superpower it's my superpower and this looks great on you I like the black and white this is a very sophisticated very refined almost classic yes but right again that Ottoman stitch you will rarely if ever find well it's a very rich you don't see an ottoman like this think about the stores you know what there's you know that net brand that thinks it's a saint okay now it's a brilliant brand that's brilliant and one of their cardigans will cost you a kidney in about 600 bucks right easily easily but what I tried to do with my knits is give you what that brand gives you and what is it that gives you that's so fantastic instant sophistication colors season after season year after you you where you because I bought it they're black is always they're black they're beige is always there beige that's something we really strive for in this and this kind of an it doesn't it doesn't pill it just come sliding in here like you're kind of late to the party but like what were you doing shopping or having some dinner you shopping yeah looks adorable with denim so now we've got like cute colors we've got the the blue combo we've got the black we've got the gray or the charcoal I think we're calling it and then what are we calling it that string string the string comes oh yeah sophisticated but and Rees taking it into sort of casual fun I'm gonna go pick up the kids I'm gonna run around but I am NOT gonna have those women say that I don't look put together know if they will and they'll talk about you this is incredibly mean regular come mean women that's true did you remember Mean Girls yes I remember someone once being really really really mean to me and I said someday I'm gonna win an Emmy and you're gonna be at home where and you're gonna be looking over your chipped peep toe nail polish and I'm gonna be accepting an Emmy and I won an Emmy and I got up there and I won't say the person's name but I went here's to you a mean girl and I just thought I got here yeah do you think she was watching with her pink thank you for your patience you're live on the air with Marla and Lynn are you enjoying this show tonight hunkering down getting ready for unfortunately Florence to hit but I'm shopping tonight I love you okay this is my kind of girl like a huge hurricane is headed my way so I think what I'll do right now is not find a flashlight or water I think I'll buy some clothes okay tomorrow I expect to find it's something in my inbox telling me you got through the night and tomorrow okay well why don't you get you crazy woman I did get the topper tonight the new and I love it because I am 59 and holding and there are just some things that they don't design for our age group anymore without looking like a teenager right well it just doesn't suit my body anymore I know now for someone who can can wear anything whether you've got curves or whether those places on you have gone fail drew I love big E's does it like it in Viki you know we are we were the cool generation we changed the world right we forgot to take care of it I might add but but the truth of the matter is we changed the world nobody told us what we were doing that that our bodies were gonna go south and everything would change right that's so true I know a tweet that they how to say goodbye to Vicky but listen Vicky god bless you we're thinking of you be safe I know you're gonna look fantastic but I love you know how many people from South Carolina have been calling in today and I'm like yeah do you know have you heard you may have been watching us but saying I would do that keeps my mind busy I'd rather watch HSN I watched some shopping you I'd be I'd be cooking oh no evolution that really well just in case like there's no food well see you're smart I be shopping cook and I make sure that I called beacon liquors and had them do.