MarlaWynne Ottoman Trim Topper Sweater

so brand new we finally get to present this when we come back already popular it is the Ottoman tryn topper sweater it is available in black golden straw latte midnight teal there's a paprika and winter white cozy chic that ottoman trim that is on the neck on the sleeves and on the hem you can wear it open oh we're going to tell you a lot more about that one stay tuned you seen in action HSN wants you to stay peculiar join fashion icon Iris Apfel for an exclusive collection inspired by the film miss peregrine's home for peculiar children directed by tim burton the movie and builds a breathtaking world full of peculiarities iris apfel's collection celebrates the peculiar with designs that are full of wit charm and plenty of surprises just like the rare bird herself shop the collection at hsn.

com can be sure to see the movie in theaters September 30th there's so many things to love about HSN but one thing that makes shopping here fun is flex pay get it home now without the stress of paying all at once like a full purchase price today when you can pay overtime by what you want now pay it off later with your credit or debit card flexpay it's that easy exclusively at HSN if you're going to see the world through irises eyes you're going to need a really big pair of glasses I'm just saying how much we love iris she's coming up tonight Knife to tell you coming up Tish I we stay at the same hotel and it is like I i lived in Hollywood for years I've met every famous person you're wondering nobody does it for me like iris because i address her spirit her intelligence her point of view she's sassy she's got a point of view he has nobody's pushover yeah lols just she's just changed the game yeah women and I just talked about radiation you see her new question breasts packing that's coming up at 2am with Ellen so stay tuned okay will you have been watching and admiring you can watch this of course on Marla and a lot of our girls we have only oh okay we have a hundred and fifty only left in all of the colorways so what you're looking at again the Ottoman trim chopper sweater that is by the way about twenty six and a half seems like a photography on that okay can I just say this really quick those of you who love my kimono right the drama kimono that thousands of you have it was a TS last februari this is the same knit it's the cotton viscose it's the same knit as the kimono so you got the kimono you loved it you said are you do know what we're sold out to the one so there's no more kimonos this is it never a while but this one is that same knit and it's got this autumn and trim which I love it is a little bit more constructed it is a little bit tidier it's a different look because I know you've already got the kimono but it still got that great side slit and amazing colors right look at it is about thirty four and a half to 37 and a half inches yeah was it a great side slit perfect so we have it available in is here right the map reader that I'm wearing which also by the way Bobby because I had originally put this together for you because I thought wow that red she didn't wear the jacket because she's smart because these lights are so hot I like I feel like the way of the studio is only wicked winter smells here is perfect and then he has a golden stroller which I left sit at on the black black you're still wearing a kitten spout was a blast shirts and I wouldn't have thought to do it that way probably and I really like that looks love it that's how I would wear it's very preliminary elegant my yes yes she is your beautiful body and then we've got a black today this latte so why did i do latte because it is going to push into the blacks to the Browns you're going to wear it with your denim you're going to wear it with olive gray you're wearing with anything but my pic and by the way I have got a pencil skirt coming up that goes with it like head to toe fabulousness and of course I did it in black with somebody you just won't you know I when I first started here do you know what my color story was this is my color with black latte brown brown and white that is it ok they are quite in lawton ok it was like but now we got color happiness okay can I tell you it is already flying and this is the quantity we have as you mentioned is for the entire day at 129 90 you have the 4 flex you have five on your HSN card it is we mentioned 30 if extra small through 3x about thirty four and a half inches in a medium 37 and a half inches in the 3x and it is also hand washable so hand washable easy to care for I love the snap detailing there are snaps did you just see what you done with a sham I was like modeling and she made fun of me Bobby no quite the opposite I think who this child is but I want you to see this this is the head to toe fabulousness of this you want to suit you know there is a brand that I would have to sell like a kidney or one of the children to get out of right and I wanted that elegance of that head to toe look at this you got these gorgeous snaps they are covered they look so fantastic with this and ok at that color you rock that color she cannot tell you a joke acknowledge it is a winter wedding coming up right in your going traveling I'm sorry but this is the outfit that you want to have you don't know what to where you throw this on it is all sweater knitted snow comfy I keep standing right and look at the different and you know they're kind of match match nice and then I love the latte on you're just doing else is great with a scarf she's got the Dan Ammann with it you can you can layer this up larratt down do it however you want this is the piece this is my you know drama kimono piece for this show and I'm looking at the numbers and it's going yes i have to say is that i love that i have pockets right because I you know girls if I could I'd have pockets in my underwear I have 75 left in paprika that's it so the paprika is okay there's one more quick one more I still get that I have in charge we're going to Ohio cosmetics jority gosh what a pleasure to have you with us Betty with Bobby avoir la hi Marla hi Bobby hi we're so glad you come on and tell you i got the duster in the burnout out of black in the can if i could sleep in them I was oh I am Telling You you have it going on you have on and I got your flatterfit pants tonight and I was a little confused on the sizing because of my hips in my way I'm not exactly what do you wear normally when you buy pants at HSN Betty usually I can vary in between a four and a six because i have a 31 waist but a 36 hit so what is the charts I'm always curious about these charts at why 1431 I went with at 58 so I would go to your smaller size of what you wear on HSN you went for the eight I want with the eight because of my head yeah I think if that is what I think you probably will be ok because you have the great thing about it will pop we have we have the chart up in the screen but you have all of the stretch to it you're the only we tell everyone to go like a little lower if you want it to be like this really i'm wearing more like a skinny look than versus like a sophisticated cigarette look right well with the 31 waist and a 36 hip and you don't want it to be really tight what would you do what would you do good that one should be Bobby because I get caught I with what numbers what size I would go with your regular size they have such a regular size I would i ordered the eighth and I've never won an eight before normally what do you wear Betty either a four or six and you went up to an eight yeah I want them to send you back to the call center yeah I want them to take you back to the call center I want you to try to start with the six okay all right so please make sure you love you love your clothes it is my pleasure but do try the six I mean honestly so much better yeah is basically how our position if you want that you know classic you know classic relax look then go with your accurate size if you want a little tighter a little more fitted then go down okay first of all can I tell you it this is lying so do we still have any paprika so we have 50 left in the paprika you know just look at you stop what you're doing and look at your screen I mean look at this Victoria with the skirt and the skirt is coming up next this to me in this oh my gosh in this complete winter white epitomizes just she looks Asian this is the thing he is wearing the cattle topper that you're wearing but she just I mean Macau.