MarlaWynne Sweater Knit Colorblock Cardigan

really different than what you'll see in this hour so it is a fun night to hang out hello are you ready really good okay so walking down the hall and they're like okay soon as you need to buy that whole thing and you can buy this whole thing

if you wanted first of all those I mean you have great legs I've seen you like she was bringing in really cute shirts when she worked here I was like ho all right it has a good place but I mean seriously those just are like aren't these cute

she's like you're so thin I go no it's the leggings and the outfit great but thank you for creating no great alright so the first thing up love-love-love this is absolutely brand-new we have it is this day only let's jump into your cardigan and just you know the

matching tank is available and so here's the thing I'm double checking because I want to make sure I don't say anything silly so this is a because I do if those of you who know me it's very live TV when I'm on so this is 100% rayon one

of the things we wanted to do with this whole collection because it's a weird time of year right right it first of all its parts of the country or hot parts of the country are cooling down but one thing we know for sure it's all gonna cool down

yeah but we're ready for some new look and feel and particularly in color right so we took 100% rayon which is a yarn I use all year round and we put it into some fall forward pieces but all you have to do to make it right now in

my opinion wear it with a pair of white jeans oh and we're with you Danna right like that's so simple and we have three beautiful colors for you and by the way matching tank which I'm wearing and in the what color you're wearing is called Sienna I'm holding

this sage which is the green family and then I have on the charcoal and just so you'll know this is one of our all-time alternate optimal time favorite tops that are coming up that will give you the information on these are brand-new leggings with cargo pockets that are

so good oh and they feel good a little I always feel vulnerable and a legging is right there I do too so I just know I like a little gentle hold there yeah and I do believe you're absolutely right this is an easy transitional piece it's you know

what it's funny it's easy I put it on and it just felt so nice and later it's because of the rayon is so great and by the way if you like the pants I'm wearing they go back to the Seanna perfectly these are the burgundy in wind layers

which I love the winter crepe four-way stretch crepe pants so you've got lots of choices and if you don't see something that work is working exactly for you call me and we'll tell you where to find what it is you need and go TOCOM because there's all sorts

of pieces that mix-and-match with everything in this hour can I go no girl you got going while you're hiking all the way over take your time as well extra small through 3x the inseam II the approximate length is 26 inches on we have 4 flex pay which is

great that's for a limited time and on the tank we have 4 flex as well in all three colors okay so there you go this now rice or non slow motion but I did I got there but then there was nowhere else from it was literally two steps

away good idea right but I tried to do it very slowly so if you have this on with white jeans it's right out the door right right out the door but what's great is you have these this is mode all in here honey they're pretty fancy schmancy pants

but we'll talk about the pants later here's what I love about this first of all all the way 360 there's something fun and cool to look at and I love all the different yarns in here we have marled yarn x' we have space-dyed yards we have solid yarns

so it's gonna mix and match with a lot of things in your in your closet I think it's just fun to have all of these yarns because it is a transition time of year and then the matching tank underneath this is a typical drop shoulder that I do

with a kimono sleeve so it's really lightweight viscose and then also the nice slits on the side this now okay so now I'm confused this has been I want to see what sizes join because I think yes I know exactly what has happened so I have to tell

you guys something you see the reason that this is longer than what you're wearing it's been hanging on a hanger I can tell if you hang these pieces on a hanger what happens just so you know the scale of this this is not correct because they're about the

same length you can see what I mean so that's because this has been on a hanger whenever you have your viscose sweaters please hang them over a hanger not on a hanger because they'll grow then we don't want grow and you don't want gravity like affecting your sweaters

and you're looking great this evening my dear so you've got on a little crepe our little crepe when layers top which is sleeveless and you've got the perfect look for taking you right into the like right now right out the door right so later on right you can

mix and match and that's one of the things I love about this you can do the head to toe look you don't have to the way you're wearing it with a blouse under it I think it's terrific but do please and when you go back there make sure

everybody knows because that's what'll happen to your sweaters and I have to show you something as this this is such a fun hour and what I love about this collection is you will embrace it you'll have fun with it you'll be like this is so easy and so

wearable so check this out we have the cutest dress not let me be really honest this one is coming up and it is absolutely it's real because I decided to try I remembered the bluff I did a dress earlier in the year for a blouse that was like

a tunic length with the tie and it blew out yes so I decided to bring that idea back and ran that Jersey and then once again look what's gonna happen if you watch you're gonna be able to build a wardrobe that goes backwards it goes forwards it's mixed

it's match and what I love about it every time I wear your pieces and I have a couple that I wear constant probably too much is you feel you literally feel like you could be on Fifth Avenue in New York City so incredibly chic and pulled together and

I always love to mention this her fabrications by far are some of the very best you'll find anywhere not just here at HSN but honestly anywhere the finishing detail some of the very best you would find anywhere and when you go to invest in pieces like this they

are long-term love affair can we tell you what we went during between shows because I had a morning show we went to the International mall and we went to Neiman's yeah was a girl and there she was like a dress and all that and she was like oh

I really like your necklace where'd you get it and I meant it just said huh okay then she came back and she goes do you mind if I ask you where did you get your blouse that's really nice I went HSN and she literally went over the cash

register and she said I need to write down what's name of this brand like she was that I was like yes yes yes the quality is there cuz this is a girl who gets an employee just can't even then she's like I'm gonna go to HSN that's so

awesome okay so I've got my New Jersey story so I take her stuff I go to but don't go to a really lovely my friends beach house god bless her it's Linda's and we go to this fancy-schmancy store at the Jersey Shore was really beautiful and the woman

in there and her outfits in there were 100 150 200 and up she stops me and she said I have to know where you got that shirt and I go HSN and it's Marla Wynne and honestly you guys should be carrying her whole collection here but you could

put literally you could pick me me I'm so happy you could put a 1 in front that 17 would if it was in a department yeah things happen in department stores years ago yeah and you did put a 1 in front of them and what that's the amazing

thing Rhonda was talking about it earlier the amazing thing about HSN is the incredible volume that it gives us so that we are able to bring those prices down ok I want to give you guys some updates the most popular color is going to be the charcoal that

I'm wearing and I love it we've got different versions of Gray's so it's beautiful it's very got some soft blues in it is yes softly stairs hombre I'm sorry let me give an update on this in the charcoal we're down to the final 300 this is going to

be gone oh and this day only sorry it's a lot of info but this day only means the price is good until midnight tonight when we hit midnight this is going to jump $10 and I promise you whether it is that perfect little dress or you do the

blouse I have if you put a little white t-shirt a black underneath all of this I actually have my Rhonda Shear black camisole on I could so take this shirt off and rock a whole different look I don't have time to do it but there's so many things

you're gonna do with this also I thought too you know when you're thinking about it we've got the pants we're going to talk about in just a second but this is almost to me kind of endless possibilities when he just have a great perfect little cannot be bothered

right so I'm because I was watching Rhonda's show and I'm trying to decide which one of her things I'm gonna get like I'm gonna trade her sweater for like like lift a boob right like it's amazing so I'm watching and Bo who travels with me Kim and he

goes you realize you're on in like five minutes you're not miked and the thing I just steamed is laying over there and you're on the couch laying on it and I was like not a problem stick the lake up there boom here I am it's like but I

love clothes that I printed list but it's really effortlessly short all right think charcoal is almost gone only have a couple hundred left in the charcoal Oh sizing wise extra small through 3x you make this roomy so and me I'm wearing a small Jamie absolutely go down a

size in these I