Rara Avis by Iris Apfel Ribbon Sweater with Camisole

maybe that for here for us Thank You favi for dorita grab those ahead of time but without any further ado we are going to start right off with a brand-new gorgeous ribbon sweater with a camisole by the way so this is all about knits for spring and open

crochet stitch pull over all you do is choose your black or your red and the sweater runs about 23 and 1/2 to about 26 and a half because it is extra small through 3x cami underneath runs about 20 to about 23 inches but very airy and then of

course that unique one-of-a-kind ribbon designs like a speech of a satin ribbon that really is iris is said like bringing you honestly like colors of Asia absolutely McKenzie and Kate I love how they're wearing it they disappeared it back with a pair of just easy trousers so this

is a great piece because it is that crochet design it's breathable wonderful for the weather that we're moving into for right now you'll just put on a blazer or a coat over it but the ribbons to me give it life it has movement to it it is colorful

it's conversational yet at the same time it's really really casual it's a beautiful piece the choices are yours and the colors I would get them both I would say the red combo to me has a little bit more of a coral undertone to it would you agree with

that I think so definitely really pretty with the kind of a royal blue a darker navy blue kind of built into it just a little touch of black to kind of give it the base and then with the black blood same combination except that you've got a little

bit more kind of tan dead white and kind of like the back rulers you know and you know it's so funny it's very incredibly iris because hard 8min sweater is fun to wear to a party oh my gosh anywhere anywhere the movement the dancing you're right to a

park during the summertime I mean it's a fabulous and no one will have this absolutely and as a matter of fact only a handful of you will be able to have it because that's a great thing that we do let everything we do here in our beautiful collection

with Iris our who is the rare bird of fashion they're all like one-of-a-kind pieces so it's an open stitch so again light airy the satin ribbons and by the way those are all hand looped rayon ribbons that run throughout like in the blue and the red you're looking

at it's the black you see the China blue you see in Jade and then in the black you get like that lacquer red the Jade and the bamboo and I like that it has kind of a little bit more of like a boxy feel to it yes but

feminine also by having a great side slit to it and yet with this open crochet very light very airy and I wanted you to see as we talked about that you do get the cami under each one 129 dollars your free shipping everything that we have for you

tonight from Iris has four flex pay so we're really happy about that but this trip to Asia had been like a lifelong dream yeah absolutely and I know she's heartsick not to be able to be here because this is one of her ultimate favorite collections and by the

way everything that you're getting here first hour we have the clothing second hour we have the amazing jewelry of course that to go right along with it but it's about having fashions that are statement pieces right and pieces that only like a handful of people and the entire

world I've ever beautiful they're beautiful when I look at this wonderful sweater I mean imagine just layering this with a easy skirt like a nice long skirt for this for this summertime a nice little wedge heel stack your briefs I was hot sexy one second bracelets right because

we know more is more what one of the wonderful thing more is more and less as a board that's where yours is this has such personality you want into any room or you're at any barbecue or you're at any event and people will notice right because it is

so different and unique and elegantly appointed no one else will have something like this and that's one of the things I know that iris will always say to you like do you know don't be afraid to try and wear things that are different this is fun this is

like a part look at how beautiful here's some inspiration by the way those pants are coming up they're incredible but you I mean you you can this is that piece that you'll reach for it the fabric is so beautifully so awfully a stretch to it it's breathable as

Bobbi mentioned and all washable absolutely easy easy and every detail every detail the quality of all of these all of these garments are really second to none and I went had a chance to go in the back and just examine every single piece and they're so well made

call us we know Iris couldn't be here unfortunately because she's under the weather but listen we'd love to talk to you these sacs the clothes are exclusive they're all brand new and so if you're anticipating spring and summer these are opportunities for you to be able to get

pieces that you'll literally have forever so call us we definitely would love for you to be a part of this show you know what have love I think that everything iris does is worthy of a museum I mean you know she obviously had an incredible collection that was

in the Metropolitan Museum but everything that iris does everything she touches and by the way she doesn't just show up I mean she is so right absolutely involved with each and every one of the different pieces whether it is the jewelry whether it is the clothing so this

is something that you're not going to find anywhere out there and again there's the tank by the way the tank is viscose with the last Elaine so it's very soft you have very stretch to it and the sweater is actually 62 percent cotton 38 a fantastic yeah I

like it I mean it first of all that I love the contrast in this black because that Jade and that beautiful like bamboo color and even of course the red I mean it just leaps off the front of the sweater it has movement so to me I love

fashions with Moo hi I can see you dancing at a party for sure right or just on a weekend where you're just casually gonna meet some friends maybe by the pool it's just a really great piece it is and it's although to me it's casual it does have

the elegance because of that beautiful kind of almost satin finish in the ribbon that kind of goes through it so if you'd like to have it we can say that all of her pieces typically when she's here her collections do sell out their lab capsule collections so it's

you really are getting almost boutique specialized pieces that you can wear like I said we're pairing them with the trousers but with the crop pant with a long skirt with a shorter skirt I mean it this is a piece that you'll go for and reach for every single

time and I get the red and McKenzie that beautiful red but again the contrast of the blacks in the different shades of blue but each you know each piece if you look at the way that every one of these ribbons and these are again as I mentioned they're

all hand looped yeah I mean they all I love that iris had left them loose at the end so again I mean look at this I mean it's it's that fun little movement that we all love in any of our fashions but knowing that you have a very

comfortable sweater like I look at that these are spring summer knits right so they're your lightweight knits and nothing is going to be heavy nothing's going to be you know clinging the contrast I believe in this black though and we'll try to check and see which one is

the most popular but the colors the black guys will also – this is you like they're both very different though definitely I think so check you could make a case for each one yeah I probably don't and I'll be honest with you know during the summertime I mean

I'm a native Floridian I don't like to wear sleeveless I like to have a little something on my arm so this three counters we freeze to death condition you know car exactly we're gonna keep you updated on the ribbon sweater thank you for your phone calls if you'd

like to have that one