Serena Williams Off The Runway Sweater Dress

great dress from Serena Williams what I was sharing with you that we have just we've been having a great clearance day thus far but we've only just begun take a look at that just this dress from Serena you don't know this but you've seen this dress on so

many host here at HSN because it's just one of those easy it's called off the runway sweater dress and it comes to you in rose again this really soft pretty pink rose color this one is your Heather midnight blue you can't really tell that it's heathered but it

is and so it is not a flat blue it's got a lot of black in it as well so that is the midnight blue this one is called this one is called Heather camel this one is your Heather charcoal we have got Clarett which is going to be

your nice brick red color here is cream and here is black alright and these a great v-neck on that long sleeve and you can see the way that we styled and that's where Kia Reynolds there you see her whenever Serena comes she brings along rikiya who is a

great style expert there you can see where quieras rocking it in so many different ways really dressed up really casual you know with all different accessories in all different seasons as well she's showing you that dress in you know maybe when it's 95 degrees outside okay maybe that's

when you put this away but other times you can wear this here's the dress on the runway so it can be as elegant as you want it to be or kind of as cool and cashes you want it to be totally up to you but that dress does

not look like a 39 dot 95 sent dress does it know it looks like it should cost more and it used to it caught it used to cost fifty dollars more than it does this evening so you get a chance to get the dress that you saw on

the runway that you saw and all of the different style pictures that rukiya was showing you that you've seen on a lot of the host here at HSN and that you're seeing right there on our ladies looking again really dressed up if you want it to be or

just you know what I threw this on and I'm runaround for the day it doesn't you know just what just because you're running errands does it mean you always have to be in yoga pants orgy you know what if you want to throw this on and maybe right

now with tights and you still have stretch and you still are comfortable you can easily sit and travel and and do all the things you need to do in this dress why not it is 42 inches long and it's like wearing your favorite sweater because that is what

it is it is a sweater dress it's extra small to 3x that's the way that you're going to order that one and this is made to be a dress length but for some people I know that you will put this on with with leggings and almost wear this

as a really oversized sweater you can even do that if you want it to but look at how great Serena looks in it she put it on and she threw on like a faux fur vest sort of like what I'm wearing on top of this dress you can

see you've got it's a traditional sweater style with the ribbed knitting around the neckline it is a v-neck but it's not a plunge so no worries there okay you have the ribbing along and this is a nice amount to of ribbing right there along that hem of the

sleeve you've got all of that stretch and all of that warmth and coziness that we love about sweaters you've got that you know that's stretching that bounce back and I want to show you the side of this too because on the side of the sweater you even have

that split hem right there along the side so it gives you a nice little extra something and then of course the ribbing that you've got along the bottom of the him there as well so no detail was left out it's just a comfortable easy dress to throw on

and like I say you see it on the runway and it looks like a million bucks and the best part is that you still look like a million bucks when you wear it you just didn't spend that much you've got it on three flex payments of thirteen dollars

and thirty-two cents and this you're seeing that was the runway show that Serena did at for New York Fashion Week and so you're not sacrificing style you're not sacrificing warmth because it's kind of hard to find a really good-looking long-sleeve dress it doesn't you know we thought we

see you know in the spring you see a lot of little short sleeve dresses and things like that but in the winter it is not as common to find long sleeve dresses you just don't find and so when you do you know it is a rare thing don't

let that one slip by and the fact that this is a sweater dress means it is one of those that can kind of move along with you grow along with you some days you're not feeling you know some days you're just having one of those days where you

ate a lot of salt the night before your sweater dress is always going to fit because it can stretch with you some of those days you know your workouts are showing good that sweater dress is still going to fit and it's still going to show up with you

and you got it just like that enjoy that one remember all you're doing is choosing your color this morning and deciding which ones you want to bring home for three flex payments of thirteen thirty-two cents Rose Navy this is camel this is heather gray this is that Clarett

color we have it in cream and also in black and at a clearance price that we have for you here and knowing you are going to see this later on today too because it's in 10 faves this might I think this is the first time you're seeing it

this morning but you will be seeing this later on today and what happens is just so you know right now the black one and the rose color are the most limiters fewer than 150 of these total in terms of the black color or the rose color to go

around and if this Rose is a color that you love as much as I love it i have just been trying to hoard the color and everything I could find then don't wait too long particularly