Slinky Brand CowlNeck Sweater Knit Tunic 2pk Set

we are just getting started of two great hours of slinky brand fashion Jackie Schechter's joining us I'm Tamara hooks and I'm glad that you're shopping as well and this is the thing we have got like crazy ridiculous low prices on our the slinky that we are going to

be featuring for this hour and next hour and you know if you're still looking for some great things for this time of season and even transitioning you're finding them today customer picks you're getting a 2-pack of sweaters not of tees of sweaters and these are cowl neck sweaters

and full-size full length great now at 46 dot 95 cents and you do have three flex on these let me show you the colors so this is going to be royal blue and red there's that red okay about 200 of these available we also have it for you

in the camel and brown if you do like your neutrals or maybe you just need to replenish your neutrals go for camel and brown we have this one is going to be your olive and plum this is really nice I will tell you we only have about a

hundred of these across all sizes extra small to 3x so olive and plum here is another great neutral base so this is going to be called steel and black so basically your your Gray's in your and your black we've got that and then very very limited we have

peacock and purple only about a dozen left if you want this one and if we have your size go ahead and don't wait go ahead and pick that up but to pack of sweaters and they're lightweight sweaters so they are great transitioning they are not heavy they are

not bulky and they're really unbelievably soft and stretchy so they're just the flow over they don't add bulk you can easily throw these under your Blazers under your jackets you know under a jean jacket under a vest lightweight soft comfy but we have never forever ever offered a

2-pack of sweaters at these prices I love my cowl neck because the way we engineered these cowl necks they're not bulky and heavy around the neck so from the side they're not sticking out they draped your neck their sauce they just flow over you know but they're not

sticking out and adding bulk so it is making your chest look heavier they are very slenderizing you can even see on the hanger that yes lots of room in the cowl but look how it just drapes it lies flat you have got lots of room and movement and

swing but look at the side nobody wants protrusion you know you wanted to stick out you just want to have this great slenderizing elegant look yeah and then look at that unbelievable stretch how many times can you put on a sweater all right let's you know how many

sweaters you have in your closet that can stretch and move and breathe with you that are washable that you can also are lightweight enough that you can wear them under your jackets and blazers and vest that are soft and yummy and comfy to the touch these are delicious

this is what you want to be living in right now and these are getting those pieces that you wear now in general where it will be februari when you get them because today is the last day of January but you're going to keep wearing them and wearing them

and wearing them and these are the ones that you keep in your wardrobe when it get when it is a little chilly outside or you just want to keep your arms covered or even when that time comes where it is not warm enough for short sleeves but maybe

you don't have to wear a jacket every day you will still be wearing these absolutely that's why I'm so glad that you're getting two of them so this is that camel and brown if you like that color combination this is that olive and plum that I think is

just beautiful and if you don't have this combination right now in your closet you should the royal in royal blue and red right there cannot go wrong with at Jackie is holding onto the black and the steel so again another great neutral I'm not sure if we have

the peacock and purple remaining just a handful of the peacock and purple remaining and only in a couple sizes now and I love the look if we can go back to the models look how liz has it in that beautiful charcoal that comes with a black shoulder so

this cowl-neck can turn you from day to evening from casual or more conservative to Wow a great statement piece sexy fun drama which would love a little