Slinky Brand LongSleeve CowlNeck Chenille Long Sweater

minutes away lowest price we have ever done on this it is very exciting thank you for putting them in my show just saying first time the Jackie is done chenille so it is very fresh and new of course chenille looks rich and sumptuous look at how lush this

is this color here on this cowl neck chenille sweater is the Emerald oh the jewel tones are so befitting of this Bordeaux we also have it available for you in the black and then if you come on over here oh it looks like a silvery platinum it is

called gray 521 741 is your item number 32 and three quarters of an inch in the length you it is a hundred percent poly you hand wash dry flat extra small through 3x available first time how did you guess you know what it took us a year and

a half to develop the right yarn for this but we are so excited we are launching it in this hour this beautiful cowl-neck chenille sweater it is not heavy and bulky it drapes your body it has got the gorgeous luster to the yarn and it is that wild

piece oh do you see this and all the couture designer brands they have lots of Chanel it is a very rich expensive fabric and you know we go to all the yarn shows to find the most unique the most beautiful yarn to knit your fabric with and this

is just unbelievable and so Jackie you got a stretch all the stretch in there that you love it is silky soft this is not scratchy on the body you get that ultra-flattering cowl-neck that really looks good on everyone because it is like a frame for your face then

you've got those rich beautiful jewel tones and it is 30 inches in length the ladies is a long tunic that you're going to love with your leggings and your jeans and all your narrow pants is giving you all that great coverage but this is that special top I

cannot even believe the price this was a surprise to me a when I came to the studio this morning because it was supposed to be a lot more than this we'll take a look at what our HSN price will be so Jackie you're right normally this will be

50 dolla this will be forty nine dollars and ninety cents it is 3990 right now so twenty dollars off even though it's brand-new because a lot of times when it's brand-new we don't give you that price break up on the top so this is very exciting to try

and if you're not a person that loves bulky myths and sweaters you might want to try this because it feels cozy it feels yummy it's got the great leg got heavy you're right and it is not adding you know it is not adding bulk to your body but

the luster if we can just get close I want you to see the luster of this yarn it is just so beautiful we have never done this before and I'm so excited that I'm offering it to you in our first hour of 2017 one of my absolute new

favorite favor of fabrics is this gorgeous chanel and the luster the dimension it looks so expensive you know it's nice Jackie is that in the winter months of course we're trying to stay cozy was trying to stay will yell me and warm right but a sweater is sometimes

so uncomfortable you know you feel bulky you cannot move around you lose your dexterity because they are so thick this is warmth without that heavier yeah so of thirteen dollars to try it to get it home look at the length while you're on the girls because these girls

are tall so what is really nice is that you do get that coverage that we all love and expect $13 to try nine dollars on an HSN card and the beautiful cowl-neck nothing is more soft and feminine around your face and the cowl and I love how it

just drapes it is not adding bulk but these are those fun sweaters you know you want to refresh your wardrobe you want a special sweater I mean I cannot even believe we're doing this that's 240 dollars this is incredible brand-new if you saw how many Chanel yarns we

went through five year and a half of marijuana and a hassle of me by the way remember to if you are at home and you have any slinky pant or if you bought this two-piece set that I'm wearing notice how we help you build your wardrobe how it

becomes easy for you because that's the thing even if you do have time even if you're home and you're retired nobody wants to spend time and effort and energy and money on a difficult outfit to wear this is so easy and we are building the Wardrobe look at

how rich dog's house is that is right for five hundred dollars in a high-end boutique on this and it is so exciting that this is a launch of our Chanel and I'm going to be bringing a lot more back next year we'll actually this year because we're in

this year but this is it is luxury it looks expensive j/ki comfy even though it's got all of that you don't have to dry clean this you hand wash this so we're not making it difficult for you you reap all the benefits because it looks very expensive it

looks like you have to baby it you don't have to dry clean this because that is the first thing when i saw should kneel and Jackie Ryan I was like it's going to be I had the dry cleaners going to be difficult hand wash easiest thing ever but

you look like a million bucks you really do and when you put this on there is nothing like a great long item tunic that just it you know changes the look of your wardrobe you don't have to think a bigger outfit you can throw it over any pants

over your jeans but you've got that novelty the luxury to it you're going on date night you're going to an event you're going to a show you're going to work you want something that looks expensive I am just so thrilled that everybody is loving this so by the

way liz is actually wearing it with the Palazzo pant to pack so remember that look at what a great look that is if you want to get starting that's coming up in just a few minutes but that Palazzo pant notice it is not this big wide Palazzo