Slinky Brand Printed Sweater Knit Jacket with Sharkbite …

Maxwell we're gonna talk about this printed sweater knit jacket with the sharkbite hem we've got a lot of requests on this I hope you get a chance to spend some real good time on it it's brand new to us today it's on sale for 42 dollars and 68

cents extra small through 3x you are seeing it in the color that we are calling patchwork so that's gonna be oh is that not right I think that's a scarf print jacket oh they have the wrong thing okay is that not that I might not have the all

the color choices then so we will refer to our producer to help us out okay this is the leopard we know that one that one I've got right for you so this is the leopard then we have it in the patchwork and then so this is the patchwork

and then we have it oh she had that's why we had the wrong topper on we were all in the wrong pages today it's not the first time that's happened this is the black floral which is what I'm wearing and then Jackie has it on our Jackie's holding

the wine floral so these are your two floral options one's got a black background one has the wine background and then if you want to go with the patchwork this one has the rusts and the peaches and the golds and the olives we've got an ice cream there

was even a teal blue in there so there's a lot of great colorways and that if you're going animal print and I'm seeing this everywhere in fact I might pop a couple on these on just so you can kind of see but they are 94 percent polyester 6%

spandex we do have them on flex pay right now which means you can choose your size choose your color and get it home for $14 and 23 cents I just love that if you want something comfy and cozy and yummy in a sweater knit what we did with

these sweater knits is we actually printed on our Milosh so you're getting that novelty you're getting that extra texture and detail in all of these prints there you have a beautiful v-neck with one but enclosure so you have that closure but look at the sweep and how this

just glides and goes over your hips in your bottom area so there's lots of room around the middle area around the hip area I love the drama of the sharkbite long gating yeah torso with the 3/4 sleeve whether you're doing and you're gonna see a lot of flowers

for fall and winter so whether you're going with the wine floral and you can see the detail of the melange if we get up close in the flowers so you're getting those extra layers of detail in it I just thought this was so close printing on the texture

and the novelty and so you have all your different shades of Burgundy's with your olives and soft pinks so pretty I love pinks and burgandy's and then that black look at that black with all your shades from your rust to your deeper Reds to your soft greens isn't

that pretty they're all gorgeous and to be honest with you so I have the Ponte pant with the faux leather detail on the side there isn't one of these that I couldn't put on so I was wearing the black floral which I love then I popped on the

leopard now this isn't my size this is the small I normally wear the extra small but it gives you this jacket profile with the pointed hems on the side but it gives you the feel of like a lightweight sweater so it's very stretchy it's very loose you're not

worrying about anything conforming but you also see the profile that's happening here how it has is not a feminine tapering in the midsection in the waist and then it gives you that hourglass figure you've got coverage in the back you've got coverage in the front and if you

want there's a single button you can button it or you can leave it open so if you learn a bit more a little bit more drapey or swinging exactly you can wear this with a turtleneck you give us at the tank top addresses you've got some great three-quarter

sleeve solid tops that you've got to us brought in for us and I think those would be perfect as well and it's just it's so easy to elevate your style with print when something feels really soft and cozy on the body and the colors are beautiful if you're

a floral girl whether you're getting the black floral or the wine floral so pretty I love Liz in that Leopard I mean that's just as so elegant and then you're gonna see an ED in the wine floral and if you want a more playful print you're gonna want

the patchwork which is what Donna is wearing with the spices and teals and olive and black but these are those pieces that third piece that really makes your basic pop yeah and what's so nice about this sweater jacket is that you can dress it up or down you

can belt it with a pencil skirt or a-line skirt or MIDI you can wear it open give it more of a suited look I love how Liz just took one of our stretch belts and is wearing it with a Jean casual and then these you could wear these

to work you can travel in these these are gonna be your favorites and then they all have so many colors you can just pick up the different colors in the print to wear underneath as your basic tees whether you're going with the Milosh tee with the leather which

looks fabulous underneath or we do have a solid v-neck tee and our jersey knit but these are the wild pieces you look so cute Valerie here's the thing I haven't changed my foundation pieces I'm still just wearing a basic black tank and my brand new Ponte pant with

the faux leather detail I just keep switching out my toppers and I your personality changes the color changes so like donna is taking the same patchwork that I have on or I've faced it in black she's got a great little necklace like an acrylic kind of warm tone

necklace with a light colored blouse and then the olive green pant with a great little warm tone on her booties so you can sort of make this whatever you want and as quickly as I made it one look I can take it off and oh thank you Donna

you're so sweet I was so kind of you and I also like like of course I probably won't do this with a tank top but like if you are kind of just going somewhere and you want to just sort of put this over your shoulders you're just like

oh this thing right here it comes like a little capelet if you want more coverage easy on Easy Off you've got this great easy 1 button so you even have to think about it's not like a zipper or multi buttons and you get sweep and movement and femininity

and breathability it really does and what I love about it is the 928 gives you shape so it gives you a nice waist but yet there's lots of room it gives you all this room around the hip area even when it's buttoned but watch what it does it

just glides to your curves so it gives you the long gated look so slenderizing love the drama of the sharkbite love the detail of the button so it's giving you that nice little closure but so it almost you know it you could almost wear it like the top

absolutely I completely agree which you know what size are you wearing so you're wearing this small I'm wearing the extra small you can just see I'm 5 to your 5 7 always taller than me I don't even know why I bother asking but it fits every body type

every but it's so good for every like whatever you do for a living so whether you just volunteer your time on Sunday at church or whether you're walking into you know the office and like you're the CEO you can wear this with confidence also you can wear with

jeans and makeup like date night outfit so it's on sale today we're really excited because it's also brand-new and exclusive to us here at HSN so you get it home on a flexpay for about $14