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Houston's weather can be so unpredictable from feeling like winter in the mornings his summer her in the afternoon so planning your wardrobe can be a bit tricky it can be and here to help with the dilemma personal stylist Hayley Pugh welcome back to the show guys I'm so

excited to be back thank y'all for having me of course this is I was really excited about this because I have all these sweaters that I want to wear and you think you wake up it's 41 degrees this morning yeah and I don't know it's hot outside now

80 degrees outside we got to be able to wear sweaters during the season and you're gonna take all that out with us just a few tips off the top though lighter is better for sure yes and also you'll see a little bit of sleeveless like a sleeveless thing

that we did but it's a thicker fabric so it's still breathable in a Texas weather all right and if someone has like a giant parka in their trunk for emergencies you say it's time to upgrade right okay so our first model Tabitha come on out tell us Hayley

about what she's wearing so Travis got like a clueless a nostalgic vibe I I like this it's very 90s but it's still on trend awesome so we've got a lightweight sweater we just tucked it into a plaid skirt and of course the boots I love white boots right

now Courtney I noticed you got someone – I'm wearing my white boots today I love it it's such a fun trend yes this is just very fun because this is more of course you can't wear this to work just a weekend look and then you can jazz it

up with some accessories but this is just great because it it's lightweight any skirt yeah and by the way the v-neck rib sweater is $10 from forever 20 years this is just like amazing in the boots were only 34 and you'll see a lot of designers do an

expensive version of this this is our cheaper version for that I love it by the way had to tow this look is $64 including the boot yes $54 wow you could be like in a music video right now I'm Meghan Trainor music video are so cute very cute

look thank you all right we're gonna bring out Holly who has another look for us now and I saw this from afar I'm obsessed with those camps this look is only $27 without the jacket amazing isn't that amazing – it's $10 wait a minute that can't be right

the sequin jumpsuit yes for sure wear this jumpsuit it's amazing Charlotte Russe yeah and the shoes $10 from Payless I just loved the embellished strap at the top yes so this is a great way to take your jacket and use it while you're in Houston yes for sure

and if you've got any wool sweaters like this and you just want to go out for a night you know you don't want to jazz it up too much with sequin on sequins you can really tone it down with a wolf sweater like this total price $77 there

that sweater is the most expensive thing in the price tag holy cow that is a showstopper Holly thank you so much let's bring out our next model we are ready let's take a look here gorgeous I just love this if you're going on a cruise this spring or

summer just this sequin skirt it's just amazing the earrings are $7 from forever 21 again we have a lightweight sweater $10 from Charlotte Russe and this sequin skirt just really pulls it together it's from a Euston boutique called anything Bleen which they were just on the show as

well yeah yes and I just love this slit and it's just a a chic way of going to dinner and having fun absolutely and you can pair that with a white tee or a sleeveless tee and be so chic in the summer 82 bucks head-to-toe yes I love

that you could win Miss America in that I just love this look very nice how much all right our next bottle of Teresa come on out this is just I just love this vest this is a vest we turned it into a a dress and I love adding

the beret on it the brain the earrings are seven dollars each oh my godness just great and and then of course the booties they kind of make it a spring springy looks but you still got that thickness in the fabric because it is still kind of cool outside

but you can even pair this with tight it's really cold outside or even just to take top and jeans if you want to open it up as a vest and those booties 30 bucks from Nordstrom yeah yes on this look though $84 and these are all pieces you

can wear and mix in your wardrobe thanks so much Theresa perfect you don't have to be French to wear a beret I just love this so the earrings I actually uses clip-ons to put on to shoes as well but they are from an estate sale there they're vintage

only ten dollars and the sweater is again lightweight for our Texas hot cold weather and we just pulled this together with the belt and freesia actually designs these pants in these shoes this is called Demartini yeah just an amazing mix of princes we've reached our model design these

ourselves yeah so the total price on this is a little more expensive than the rest of the look this was $145 but I think it's so great that you're mixing things from estate sales to local designers as well I love supporting local designers and I love just finding

you know high and low looks to mix like that and it's great to have pieces like that in your closet too all right Rita thank you so much and Hayley thank you so much for my eyes for having me you guys are always so much fun you're so

much fun that's sequin jumpsuit for ten dollars what I know be that cheap and looks so good if you want to connect with Hayley just check out the scene on Houston life tab it's right there on our home page on our website Houston life dot TV