That Woman! by Marlo Thomas Textured Sweater

talk about fashion it was so exciting and so much fun and I am thrilled that I think everybody is excited to see that Marla decided to bring a collection that has you know all the design sensibility that you love but also things that you need it will be

getting dress that's exactly right and it has color I mean if you want black we have that if you want maybe we have that but we also have a nice pink peony and that's what I think is exciting to B&S can go under the pink jacket this could

go into the is going to go under the pink jacket of the turquoise jacket they all go together i just i love that i don't like it when i go to a store and I think okay I love this and I have nothing to go with it you

know I just write the exciting things that these things can all go together is it look at this with the Raglan sleeve this is a cotton it is 90 cotton ninety percent cotton on this blend soft beautiful 24 inches long this is I'm holding the blue which is

this beautiful kind of we just I think we're calling it Navy with natural and then we also have a black with natural and that rosy pink the peony pink and you know that these are two yarns it is not one yarn that's been that's a textured it's two

yards over each other and in the front it has a scallop which is very forgiving and fri you'll see on the girls look at how absolutely adorable of this is loaded with your jeans with any bottom again just tie it around your shoulders this is one that you'll

just want to take with you all the time and have on hand it's another one that really is because it is cotton sweater it is a year-round sweater and so your darling husband Phil Donahue how you infill been married thirty six years yes and a lot of us

remember when you were on the phil donahue i know i know will never live a few girls remember the chemistry sparking between two we still got it you still a good idea and your darling husband's on the phone he is actually with us via skype tonight Phil Donahue

eat hard are you there there you are you oh my gosh hi honey it's your darling husband like darling husband so what do you think honey do you like the clothes oh very much I'm crazy about that broad striped the black and white oh yeah well that's why

I thought it was bad oh thanks honey thank you well you can always buy me that little heart for valentine's day yes you looking for something but things you'll say where's the car that's right i always say worried if they haven't been fun watching Marla work on this

collection Phil very much i'm totally wrecked colleen watching you guys working down there it's really fabulous a wonderful fashion show that's great heavy thank you it's very sweet of you to say does Marlo offer offer you fashion advice ville oh I mean I can't get out the door

with that it's true I totally on more than one occasion I've changed everything the last minute it's true I do welke could care less that's why you know it doesn't care what he hands on you know so I'll see you couldn't with a green thing with a red

thing no you can't do it so anyway we do have a little discussion on the way to the elevator to start building any and you're such so good about it he says change well you guys are adorable it had was it love at first sight for both of

you it kind of was I was on his show as you know and I had not seen him before because he wasn't in LA or New York so I just saw him in my heart when Peter patent that was that how you fell was your heart pitter padding

well she was an impure thought if you're Catholic you'll understand so yeah I mean I wanted to see her again no but I could only put her on the show so many times in a week well how sweet of you to call we're so glad you're watching thank

you sweetheart thank you thank you honey see thank you calling take care fell bye bye bye bye bye bye you guys I'm so nice wasn't that she's a really good he's a really sweet man i really love you guys are such a great i mean just that was

a good really it was really sweet alrighty so what's happening with the sweater okay yeah oh my god and you know we don't know there's about 100 in each color left that's it so whether you go with the black natural the navy which is really kind of a

royally blue maybe like a really pretty it looks great with denim it's a not get with dead right and then that rosy pink this is a excellent i'm so happy to see use pink in this collection because it does wonders for our complexion i am so tired of

not being able to find pink or turquoise I need those colors because such a lift such a literally done yeah it's amazing girls when you put these pretty colors on especially winter time please just yet it's kind of really like we're in the doldrums it is gray outside

a lot of places where depending on where you live and it just get this nice little burst of color pick me up you still have the warmth of a sweater but it is not too hot because it is caught by keep going back there but you know hardest

find cotton sweater I know I know and they wash so beautifully right in New York and I wash them and I lay the bone on a radiator and it just great that's it we just hand wash this or wash it on delicate and then just lay it to

dry and you will get years and years and years of wear and enjoyment I like it with the little white shirt layered underneath it how cute that looks so it is five to 15 3 4 79 dot ninety cents if you're thinking about this one it is 24

and a half inches long pink is the most limited by the way but whichever one is calling your name you're going to love that sweater how cute it looks with the white I know I love it with the white pants it's very very Florida isn't it it is

so if you're coming south or if you live in the south or if you're going to be cruising or you just need a