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In today's video I want to share with you a couple of outfit ideas that Iput together from some very cute, but very inexpensive sweaters that I boughtat Walmart.

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Let's get started.

This first sweater is just a plain basicturtleneck, but it is a really nice weight.

It's got a kind of a sheen to it, and it just looks a little bit luxurious.

I think that this would be a nice basicfor any wardrobe.

It's called winter white, so it's not like a stark brightwhite, and I already got makeup on the collar there.

You can probably see it.

ButI've heard people say that for your basics you should invest in them, meaning that you need to spend more money on your basics, but I don't agree when itcomes to basics that are like white t-shirts, white shirts, white turtlenecks.

They tend to get stained they get older looking quicker, so I don't think there'sany harm in spending less or buying like a lower end on a basic that is kind ofin a white or an ivory.

This turtleneck sweater only cost $11 and 86 cents, sothat's a bargain.

And I've paired it with a pair of pull-on pants that I bought atMacy's.

They were in one of my try-on hauls.

You may have seen it was a Macy's, I believe, and an Ann Taylor try on, and they are kind of a small check patternthat looks almost like a solid when you're not up close to them.

And I'mwearing them with a pair of Nine West pointy toed booties and a belt that Igot at Amazon.

It's a rose buckle, and you could change out the strap that you wearwith this buckle.

I have a white one that I'm wearing with it in the summer, andthen I have this grey one that you'll see paired with the sweater.

And I'm alsowearing a little vintage brooch at the the collar of the turtleneck.

I thinkthat's kind of a nice touch.

It dresses it up just a little bit.

This nextsweater that I bought is from the brand Time and Tru.

This I believe is a newWalmart brand, and I really think they've stepped up their game with this brand.

This sweater has these little buttons at the shoulder.

It's a kind of a chunkylooking sweater, chunky knit sweater, but it's actually quite an open weave, so forme I don't get as hot wearing this as I might get if I were wearing like atighter weave sweater.

And I've paired this sweater witha pair of side striped pants that I bought at Macy's.

They're the CharterClub brand, and a pair of light blue classic Pumas that I just love.

I thinkthis is just a cute outfit for bumming around doing your errands on the weekend, or going garage saleing which is something I love to do.

It's just a kindof an easy outfit to throw on when you want to look casual, but you also want tolook like you put a little bit of thought into your outfit.

This next sweater I bought in the juniors department and it cost $13 and88 cents, and it is this lovely army green hooded sweater.

It's a kind of anopen weave again.

Kind of like the last one.

It's got a nice cozy feel and a cozylook but it's not overly heavy, which I like, and it's got this tie down thefront.

And I have it paired with just a pair of Levi's and my Born Megg'sbooties.

If you saw my last video with my Amazon favorites, the Born booties werein that video because I loved them so much.

And I'm wearing this outfit with mybrand-new leather moto jacket that my husband got me for my birthday last week.

It's from blank NYC, and this is the softest most beautiful jacket.

And thislast sweater I want to show you is this duster cardigan by Time and Tru again.

It is a long cardigan.

This comes in several colors.

I believe it was also ingray, and also maroon.

This is just a very nice kind of a slimming, ribbed, longduster cardigan.

And I paired it with my high-waisted flare jeans and my Korksclogs.

Those are a throwback to the past.

This sweater actually reminds me of when I was in high school.

I had a long duster sweater, and I just absolutely loved it, and I used to wear it with my flare jeans and my clogs.

I don't know howpeople feel about clogs, but I've always loved them, and I always have a pair inmy wardrobe.

And I'm wearing these jeans and duster with a t-shirt that I gotfrom Life is Good.

And Life is Good t-shirts, if you haven't had any of them, you really should try them.

They have the nicest quality.

They're soft and they're substantial.

Well that's it for now.

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