Wendy Williams CowlNeck Sweater

if it in my legs are you a long day we talked to yes long guy and you have nice sneakers you can dance around you can do a little poet you can do a little twirl in these because they have cushions so that is perfect so okay save

for the hour you have to see this next piece this gorgeous cowl sweater feels so good to us in it and you're looking at it in oatmeal it is an oatmeal black and navy so it was saved for our hour today and it is holiday price from 6992

59 dot 90 again on 4 flexpay of 1498 five of the HSN card of 1199 all the sizes extra small through 3x and again a little longer so it measures your 26 inches in a medium 29 to 3x so basically that just gives you more options you can

you again you'll get a little but coverage you know so everything won't be hanging out now we talked bobbi and I talked earlier about how sometimes you don't want to be grabbed by the throat by a turtleneck and so I showed my velvet address with the ruching at

turtleneck generous now this is the cow now this gives you all the drapery that you need you know just comfy cozy comic is like a legendary neckline and not a whole bunch of colors I gave you the basics you know basics mm-hmm oatmeal up navy black and your

black what do you like all the way up to size 3x and I can suggest something if you happen to be able to get yourself like a size 3x but really you're only a size medium do it cuz let me tell you something all of a sudden you

have a little dress a little dress black tights and a pair of skippy sneakers see because I'm that girl that I'm that girl I love that but like I already have it but I have it in a 3x you know well you've done that letting you look amazing

i like to put a fabulous legs but i put it on but this is not the 3x by the way you all because this is a regular size but in the 3x it is a little bit longer when i come on black opaque tights and then a pair

of little Skippy's and I push the sleeves up and I go on about my day love it so it depends on how you like it but you know if you would like to wear more like a dress or you know more tuna key than sweater e then size

up right options we love why not and I love the you know off the shoulders styling so it's really comfy and the 4 flex by the way was just for this hour so that goes away at one o'clock the 4 flexpay be gone and we only have like

500 so a limited quantity in each one of the different colors or here again because it's a little longer you can easily belt it the way Sonia has it belted so know what size is that that you're wearing do you know she just she just throw it too

small right cuz I small but can you imagine if Sonia had this for instance I'm not being pushy i'm just talking if she had in a 3x and she had on Navy types with it and a flat then Sonia you know what I mean it becomes something else

and actually we have Sonya's that's on the screen you know what I'm loving because the wide-leg pants inventory is wearing in the slammer up next and those are a customer pick we don't have a full airing of them but you might want to grab them because they became

a customer pick at 6990 their 4990 with 31 inch long inseam and then how great with the shoe I i I've already fallen on the floor and gotten back up I okay so she's got on my merlot suede pumps with my shoe charm and it is a simple

buckle it is the easiest thing to put on and just changes the look of any piece of footwear that you have or if you'd like to put it on your lapel or if you'd like to put it on your handbag but I specifically call them shoe charms because

you change the look of your Footwear all of a sudden it becomes something glamorous and fabulous and by the way you get to when you buy them their 1995 and you choose the color but then everybody gets the black your whimsical in a gift box here very whimsical

a woman with feet pom-poms is not coming to cause a problem no you know what I mean exactly she's coming to sprinkle very dumb every dose of happiness I love it and has you all so many of your high-end designers top designers are doing them on shoes to

the tune of like forget it like thousands oh I know right I know what's going on yes I see what's happening out there in the street so you can find it for 1995 and put them on anything at all and then the cowl again so looking at the

cow I let's talk about the front it has a great like a basket weave design that runs all the way down the front just gives it a little bit more individual interest yes yes so I create done playing oft who I like who wants plane oh you can't

do play no I'm fabulous from you yes I love it now what's going on Oh with the skirt from the blast out right our Ponte skirt from the last hour which we love it is also a big customer pick so you can check that out with the scar

to pull on with no zipper the skirt yeah perfect and I think it was marked down to thirty nine dollars and ninety cents you can check that out it's great in the black and here again look at the different ways you can wear it because this is what

we want to have in our wardrobe we want to be able to have clothing that we can just wear in so many different ways is this large ok this is the large imagine if she got the 3x telling you and put on the black opaque tights it might

not be for you but maybe it's for your daughter or your granddaughter you know to wear it a little younger like that you know and this is one of my scarves you both look really terrific I love the cozy sweater it's wintertime I love it are