Wendy Williams Lounge Sweater with Hoodie

I love your head to tell luck can you operate the hook can you operate the hook yeah off your new ball oh my gosh yes okay that's my cut buddy she needs to come with you next time I well you know she's got kids Oh Sam and Brendan and what brendan brendan is her husband yes well I she gonna take care of that yeah take care of that I didn't mean it to sound like the shade of it all carrying there was no date I promise I'm sure he's a lovely man I don't okay come on a dog I'm going to get myself in trouble so I'm just going to stop talking about that I'm sure he's wonderful all right now let's talk about the customer big lounge sweater with the hoodie this is a very quick two-minute presentation because we are limited on this and this is what Suzanne was wearing ok the hood is generous it's more of a design detail not really something that you should wear but if by chance you are running from someone and you do want to hide and throw it this will fit over your head very generously v-neck in the front just a simple good sweater glow in the back higher in the front do you see how the girls are wearing them very cool well if you want the army green that windy was just showing to you we are already last call so extra small through 3x last call on that we also have it available in rust and take a look at Kate is wearing the rust you can really see how absolutely amazing it looks on her we have it in a black and then we also have it in this wonderful cream color and you can see on Emily how stunning it looks like you did a little lower in the back yeah well you know everybody doesn't want to show all they're behind right you know yeah we absolutely I i if that's a must for me especially when I'm wearing leggings kate is actually taken it with your lounge your wide leg pant that's coming up and just tucked in the front and I just think that that is such a laid-back really cool look so easy and comfortable with that extra length and there you can see the drama of the whole that you used in the back yes Kate so good she's very stylish she really is and comfortable she's got it on with your sneaker that's coming up in just a little bit the fabric is so soft we know that you're going to love the way that this feels it is 25 and a half inches in the length you're going to wash this at home no need to dryclean order extra small through 3x nice and stretchy too but you know what also very forgiving yes very forgiving this is like one of those things I don't know what you're wearing at Thanksgiving I don't know whether you're entertaining at your house or not but a lot of times when your family comes over you don't want to necessarily have on a fully constricted outfit you want something a little looser how what about this ding dong happy thanksgiving yeah this color is perfect all your holiday pictures your thanksgiving pictures right that'd be so good this is that color for that exactly so comfortable so flattering and did i mention this customer pick us twenty dollars off just for today so grab it while we have it on flex it is twelve dollars and change 4936 27 is your item number and we are busy so use hsn.

com if you can we are going to go out to our phones luan is shopping with us in New York hi LuAnn welcome into HR loanne welcome into HSN you're on with Wendy Williams hello Wendy you going to do love you mommy I need you to do a favor their shoes you possibly i'm an extra-extra light because I fell and I can trick the shoes but I own 60 pieces of your clothes the fellows blouse and a yellow skirt to mama son I ordered that one and I ordered five year freight blouses and reversible dresses you head over the summer or two three of those and I got your wide leg pants I got three of your jumps I love you you are such a beautiful baby and thank you for thinking of us thank you besides to it no lo ahead following what when is the swelling going to go down on your foot they said that it was because I fix about 15 steps when I was going to college and I broke my ankle so therefore I have to wear extra 12 okay I wish you a company I want those shoes I want the boots my daughter but she loved him but you are such a beautiful lady in psych him out and I watched your show every night and I even keep it so when I go to bed at night I want you again and again and again Thank You Luanne thank you so much yeah you know what's so funny LuAnn thank you earlier today our grocery store and I ran over my pinky toe hard the cart no and I was like okay I don't think I can wear a heel you know I was on my way here but I was gathering and I mean to make sure my family was good before I got down here and so I know what she's talking about because I have a wide foot already and when you hit it it becomes even wider yeah oh my gosh that's we've all done that with the card that's I'm so glad that you're here with us anymore by the way the army green is gone stay in the ordering process almost spoken for in all colors remember you've got that great cream the rust and the black order extra small through 3x and it is twenty dollars off for you just for today all right it's time to check in with some more eye candy shall we let's send it over to Jackie yes this is what I'm going to call the birthday edition of eye candy because I have to bring Nancy up here come on birthday girl come on has come from there hey guys look at her in this lounge hoodie how do you feel your listen it's your birthday and you said you feel fabulous and I feel fabulous this is soft and good light come face let the pants on you're good to go you just take a wall please pants and take a job and laughs and watch the game you know what you've got it all windy show Oh even better Nancy you've got it all down now you have to take a runway walk I like to blow out your hair is blowing as you want yes Nancy yes very nice man I've Nancy happy birthday nancy none all right well she loves everybody right there.