Wendy Williams Reversible Leopard Pattern Sweater Dress

hi everybody say hello good morning good evening whatever waistcoat he's coming you know what I can tell you right now don't try to figure that out it'll make her crazy and good morning hubby thank you for breaking up and watching the alarm to join me there we go

alright so we're going to jump in with the Wendy Williams dress or have to say Wendy Williams on if you've met Wendy yet but she's part of our HSN family very exciting I record her show and I watched the last episode I watched she was wearing this dress

on the show in this color and then I said I can't wait for that to come to HSN I have to have it and I saw it was in 10 faves so I had to wear it collects wearing it at sixty nine dollars and ninety-five cents fully reversible

Tracy tell us about the dress well this dress Helen it's actually a cotton jacquard so if you're familiar with a jacquard fabric it means that the pattern is actually woven into the fabric so it's not a print its really soft has beautiful rib knit detailing around your neck

and your sleeve and it's a fit-to-flare style so what that means is everyone can wear that right that a line style yeah really really you know super comfortable and you know that that kind of lightweight sweater material is awesome it is and it sprinkle resistant you know it's

always out it's comfy like travel kind of dress it goes along with our travel theme so let's talk about the sizes okay well these are coming in good question coming in extra small to extra large and then 1x 2x and 3x okay and wendy is like one of

the one of these gals that it's like she is loves that all her clothes look great on everybody's size she is a curvy gal yes and you know she wants to make sure that everything looks looks great on every body's type now the length on this is 37

inches you hand wash it and lay it flat to dry so it's easy to no dry-cleaning so it's not gonna cost you a billion dollars let's go through the colors you want you that absolutely ok so this beautiful color front is your classic black and white and then

the navy white which you see Colette has been wearing yeah okay and then of course the gorgeous coral I am like insanely love you know Tracy asked you before the show Helen did you paint your fingernails and match the dress I wish I could say I'm not smart

I had this color on I go I'm gonna wear the curl dress because my fingernails in this culprit I'm just obsessed with coral and your favorite shadow is very important as well you're so putting my makeup artist and we're calling this the seaport which is a really pretty

turquoise sea blue yeah I think I would go with this color with the blue eyes yes hop oh no it's so pretty yeah you know it it's also reversible but here you go so each one of the stills tell us about this Tracy ok so if you look

at you see there's the dominant colored is your background color but if you flip it over the pattern reverses so the actual leopard print turns into the opposite colors on the black and white on the front side you have your black as your ground when you flip it

you have your white as your ground so you're really getting to looks out of one dress I love that now what about the price so 6990 but we also have 3 flexpays on this to do great shooting fantastic 3 flexpays you get this home for under twenty-four dollars

I love that no have an HSN card you even get if for flex payments and that's 17 dot 48 cents and we send it out to you right away yeah so that's really great now I know that you've worked for many years in different aspects of fashion if

you go to like any high-end designer store if you say I'm going to give you a fourth of the price I'm gonna take this dress home with me yeah you can't do that anywhere can't do that anywhere you can't even do that layaway because you have to leave

it there exactly so it's kind of the anti layaway yeah we just take it with you now Tracy won't you give us some ideas about styling this because I know you could throw a jacket or you tell me is that you know what I love about the fit-and-flare

style is you can wear any kind of shoe with it so whether you want to wear a flat with it I personally have a kitten heel so it looks like it's a pump but it's a little bit shorter so you're not your feet aren't killing you at the

same time right right now and then look at how you and Colette styled it so differently whether you wearing it with a you know chunky necklace yes or belting it either way it's going to work yeah and you know what coming up next by the way I'm gonna

I'm gonna pop this on is we have like the jacket and the jacket that that Tracy's wearing all goes back with this and just I'm just popping it on right now because you can put you can do a jacket with it just and this jacket is coming up

next so I'm just showing you because a lot of you gals out there you're like not crazy about your arms and I know it's sleeveless but what I like is you could do like a blazer and make it be business E absolutely natural jacket like we have coming

up but this is available and we're gonna have a full presentation at 8am its brand-new item number 646 9738 but we're gonna talk about the cardigan now Tracy my man i'm just going to be your assistant so you can