Wendy Williams Scoop Neck Sweater Dress

and click on that and you can see all of them and we're going to stick with wendy williams in this 10 faves fashion edition and we are moving on now to address that i just ordered i just i had to order it because i saw this online and

i said that you know that is just it is just easy it is just that easy no-brainer dress that is for every season and here is Wendy wearing it looking so good in it and wendy is nice and tall and voluptuous and the fact that this is an

it means it's going to stretch it is going to fit your body very beautifully you throw it over your head no buckles no zippers no as you say bells and whistles nothing you just put it on and go here it is in cobalt blue there is the front

and back you're going to see hope in this looking amazing this is the one that I ordered I ordered it in ivory because I just I just couldn't resist I mean it is just beautiful you can see the ribbed knit in the front and the back we'll talk

about more detail on that just a second here it isn't that ruby red maybe you liked maybe the earlier dress but you wanted something maybe a little more of a boom you got it right here and here it is an of course black that is going to be

so great again this can easily be for a business setting or for dinner or whatever the case is you order this in extra small to 3x will send it right on out if you want the one that I just ordered you can get it in that ivory and

here it is in cobalt blue but look at hope doesn't she look amazing she does this one is 36 inches long and it is knit and it is you known it inherently has stretched to it so this one is going to glide over your body glide over your

silhouette it is not going to squeeze you it is not going to be tight on you but it is going to show off that silhouette in a beautiful way and if you want to wear you know shapewear underneath it you can easily do that and it will just

be a nice smooth glide on top of that as well but you can see really great scoop neckline and look at that rib detail right along the bust area and along the hip area so you got the rib detail and what like about that is if you feel

like well I've got a little bit of you know you know it is not as smooth as you would like it to be when you have the ribbing and I will show it to you here when you have the ribbing let's show it to you in the red

just just to play you know with the red you can see that it is going to almost give you like a little bit of a camel flage and you've got that ribbing everywhere you would need camouflage you've got it along the bust area and it comes down into

what looks like a chevron design and then you've got a little bit of kind of like a smooth paneling here and then you've got the rib just on the outside just on the hip area front and back of the dress and the inside is nice and smooth so

it is an optical illusion that helps to elongate the look of your body helps to smooth the look of your body and you see these the way these ribs kind of go into more of a chevron point once again if they were straight across if they were horizontal

you might think I'm not really sure but because they're more of a point it gives you that just elongated look so your body looks it's amazing best I also like this that because this one has a little bit of a short sleeve now we do have a dress

coming up that doesn't have a sleeve at all same kind of knit fabric but no sleeves but if you were looking for something that just gives you a little bit of coverage on the top of your shoulders you've got it right here and again really nice scoop that

is not too much it looks fantastic now this is a fashion edit price as well and remember fashion edit is ending so when you see fashion edit prices know that this weekend is the end of our you know fall fashion event today is the last day so if

you want anything in our fashion category that has a fashion edit event price i would get it today i would not wait I would not chance it hoping that the prices last for the rest of the weekend because today is the last day of our fall fashion edit

event we took ten dollars off of a regular price on this dress and you have got to flex and also remember when you're shopping for fashion you pay for price shipping for your first appt fashion item you get half off standard shipping of all other fashion items that

you buy all day long so if you've already been buying some really great maybe jeans and bottoms and sweaters from Diane Gilman and now you're looking at these windy dresses and saying I want the dresses from Wendy Williams to then go ahead because you know you're saving on

shipping when you do that I love this look I love that I'm going to switch these over I love the red white and blue just it's just you know classic simple no-brainer and then you've got black so it's that easy dress slide it over your head again that

scoop neck is wide enough so that it's not going to mess up your hair is not going to mess up your makeup you don't need somebody to zip you up how many times I've done this how many times have you done this you wore a dress that had

a zipper up the back and you could only get it up part way so you said all right well I'm gonna ask you know i'm going to ask my husband to zip it zip me up and he and you forget and then you get to work and you're

halfway through out the morning before somebody finally tells you that your dress is half way zip down and then they zip it up for you but then you're thinking thank you but how am I going to get out of it you don't have that issue with this because

it is just an easy stretch knit comfortable beautiful holds color well and something from wendy williams and if you have not had a chance to shop with any of wendy williams fashion line this is going to be perfect in our last 10 seconds red ivory cobalt or black

go for yours and extra small to 3x get the fashion edit event price and get it on flex pay now we'll see a full presentation of this dress coming up