WynneLayers Sweater Cardigan with High Side Slits

when you're building a layers wardrobe that you get a tank you get a great bottom like a flatterfit and then you layer all this other stuff on top of it by the way those are new colors today and we have 2 flex pays all right so this next

app that we're going to be talking about is brand new we saved it for tonight's show it comes and you can get the matching pants to go with it and I know Marla you have a pretty fantastic story behind this correct well you do love it oh yeah

no I have to tell you what happened though I went to redo my lips and I somehow got I mean I'm such a freakin disaster I got lipstick all over my white chiffon top so I made a quick change and now you can see what this light I

can't really do it I just like it so bow fix it okay so is this one of my funny is this great to the top we started all the show with which I'm where I just threw it on basically anything which is very good because I had no

other top so so valerie has on exactly what I was wearing before I put my lips on my chest but I love the way this looks this is look I do the drama kimono in collection this is a nylon viscose blend I did these pants last year they

do not wrinkle they do not bag out they are my faves and to me this is simple elegance I love this whole look the point out Catherine can you come in super super tight I want you to see how beautiful this is oh it's pretty right and it's

also on the cardigan so this is a spring drama cardigan it's not as long as the one I usually do it gives you a great cardigan it's a great over piece and in comes miss thing again Loren looking fabulous well he did it in two colors because we

really wanted to just test it so look how beautiful the cloud and dust blew right so look how beautiful the white is again clean fresh elegant perfect for any kind of a party anything any place you want to go I love the length of these I love how

comfy they are I've been sitting down the whole time I've no wrinkles in these pants nothing they are fantastic for traveling for flying for cruising for wearing to the office the feeling of this is extraordinary it feels like what I when you go into little stores in Milan

and they have just like beautiful sweaters lined up and fine gauge nests and you touchin this to me feels like an Italian Italian 100% yes I just love this now we do have Ruth said what pants does Marlowe have on its these pants right here which we're gonna

get to in just which that by the way also don't be afraid to do like that kind of a look right where you've got the white underneath and then you just bring the white pad on I just love these these and that's why I chose you can kind

of always know what my faves are because I'll be wearing them on there it's just this is how it I'm seriously wearing because these are very limited oh yeah and so was it a lot you know wait let me give you a reference to I think this is

important when you watch you'll see we did the kimono showed you that one really pretty kimono that Rose Marie is wearing right it was a hundred and eighteen dollars online now that's normal for your kimonos they're gonna be well 99 well over $100 this is a steal of

a deal seventy one dollars it's now the most affordable kimono I think you've ever it is the most affordable one I've ever done these rosemary has on is a woven it is a simple woven kimono this is a full fashion sweater knit at seventy one dollars just so

for those of you who love my drama kimonos and have been buying them from collection for years you want to take this one home and give it a try because it is absolutely a stunning piece and and let's talk about sizing extra small through 3x I think this

runs guys do you feel spot on true to size I really do ladies what do you think isn't it gorgeous the the the yarns that we use in this are so stunning and it's just a great throw over piece and I don't care I mean Lauren I would

imagine in your real life you might wear what you have on top with a pair of ripped jeans or a little you know right something like that and so you'd have this elegant look on top and then you'd have this sort of super casual can you guys feel

the yarns on these they're there right it's got it me hand to it it's sort of crispy here come on in here right so this one it's the one that she's wearing right yeah which is a woven a simple woven very simple and it's $118 okay unlined simple

woven fabulous print on it it is this is a full sweater knit our average drama kimono and sweater knits are anywhere between 99 and 139 right and we wanted to do this because I really wanted to introduce sweater knits into layers that would allow you to really appreciate

how you could layer these pieces up and how we could use sweater knits within the layers collection and I love it and I'm hoping you're enjoying it too because you know it looks like a modern suited look yeah it's very I mean it's a fortune yes to me

this is my version of that brand it is a very it's not going to how can I say it it's not gonna bag out because of the nylon content 50% of this is nylon that's fun so the recovery on it is amazing that never bags out it is

comfortable it's easy it's great to travel in because it doesn't wrinkle this is a great thing to put on the airplane when you're on the plane right just so easy oh you like the rim oh you guys come down because my Sun Tanning and the no seeum bugs

the Pippi don't look at me I'm irregularly tan okay but Rosemarie just pointed out it's got this beautiful rib knit trim at the bottom gorgeous that's just charming and I'm gonna move to the pants right now the very very limited on the cardigan so do you want the

new kimono